MoviesCredit: Morgue FileListed below are some of the best selling kids movies on the market today.

Wreck It Ralph - This movie is about a man who sneaks into the arcade when it is closed to try to reinvent himself through a game.  This movie brings back popular games from the last 30 years as adults can go back in time and remember some of their favorite video games.

The Goonies - The Goonies is about a corporation who buys out a neighborhood simply because they want to to destroy the homes.  The kids of the neighborhood work together as they discover a secret passage way that they think will lead them to a special treasure.  With this treasure they plan to buy back their homes.  

The Sandlot - This is a must see and a movie that can be watched over and over.  This movie is about a group of friends who live for getting together to play baseball.  When a new kid comes to town he tries to fit in but can hardly even throw a baseball.  Find out what happens as they accidentally hit their ball behind the fence where the beast lives.

Rise of the Guardians - In this movie, the man on the moon chooses Jack Frost to be the guardian to watch over the children of the world.  The children stop believing in the guardians and it is up to Jack to help the children be believers again.

Brave - This best selling kids movie “Brave” takes place in Scotland, where a princess named Merida simply wants to go on adventures of her own.  Her mom wants her to become a princess and get married to a man who she doesn’t want to marry.  She just wants to enjoy her time being a young teenager.

Peter Pan - This is a fun movie where kids can use their imagination as they watch the film.  In Peter Pan the shadows run away from the people and kids never get older.  There are also fairies and pirates in this fun adventurous movie.

Hotel Transylvania - Adam Sandler plays a voice in this kids animated movie.  This movie is about a bunch of Draculas where humans are not allowed.  One special Dracula invites his friends and family to his daughter’s 188th birthday party.  Find out what happens in this movie where two popular actors are voice overs for these cartoons; Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez.

Treasure Planet - This kids movie is about a group of people who travel throughout the world and go on adventurous do all kinds of fun and exciting things.  This is one of the best selling kids movies of all time.

Monsters, Inc. - This is a movie about friendly monsters who live in the closet and try to scare kids at night.  One child, named Boo isn’t afraid of these Monsters and ends up following them to where they live.

The Little Mermaid - Ariel wants to be like the humans and walk on land and eat with a fork as they do.  Unfortunately for her, she is the princess of the King of the ocean.  Her dad despises the fact that she wants to be with the humans.  In this movie Ursula puts a spell on Ariel that gives her legs but in return takes her voice.  Ariel has only a short time to get the prince to kiss her and she can be a human forever.  If not, Ursula gets Ariel’s voice and she can never speak again.  In the end Ariel gets her voice back, turns into a human and marries the prince of her dreams, all with her dad’s approval.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - This is a movie about a group of people living on an island and have food fall down from the sky as if it is raining food.  Find out what an inventor says as he states he is able to turn rain into food.  This is a fun movie that will leave all children laughing.

Back to the Future - This is a film that both adults and kids can both enjoy.  As a teenager named Marty meets a mad scientist he is able to bring him back in time.  He is able to see what his parents were like and how times were back in the day.

Beauty and the Beast - Belle is just an ordinary girl who ends up being help captive at a castle.  The Beast, who used to be a well known prince that simply has a spell put on him is very mean and impatient with Belle.  It doesn’t take long before Belle sees that The Beast is very gentle and can be kind.  All it takes is for Belle to fall in love with him and he turns back into a handsome prince.  This is a great film that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Up - A man and his wife are popular balloon sellers in the movie, Up.  When his wife dies the man uses thousands of helium balloons and ties them to his house to float up in the sky.  His plan is to travel to South America with the balloons.  Find out what happens next in this fun kids movie.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - When an ordinary boy discovers that he has the special wrapper of a candy bar, he is able to tour the chocolate factory with a few other kids.  Willy Wonka is very delighted at the boy’s attitude and the boy, Charlie Buckett is able to take a further tour into the world of magic that he will never forget.  Charlie had a once in a lifetime opportunity that will make his wildest dreams come true.

These are some of the best selling kids movies of all time.  While some of them are animated and some are not, these are all great movies that kids will enjoy.  These will be known as some great popular movies for years to come as you can watch them over and over and never get bored.

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