There are two kitchen compost pails that outsell the competition by a mile. The thing is the best selling compost pail is possibly not the best of the two, but it is so widely known that doesn't seem to matter.

Amazon sell massive quantities of kitchen compost pail or crock. Their two leaders are the Norpro Compost Crock and the RSVP Stainless Steel compost container.

Both market leaders hold up to a gallon of kitchen scraps, and are designed to be a beautiful addition to any kitchen countertop. Most importantly they both come with a carbon filter system which minimises the risk of odours even if you do not venture out into the yard to empty it as often as you might.

I was surprised to find the Norpro outselling the RSVP Compost Pail by so much, since the latter is a far more stylish and contemporary product. And being made of stainless steel there is less chance of damaging it, than with the ceramicNorpro . This; I would have thought, would be a big consideration when you are likely to be wandering up and down the garden carrying it. The chance of accidentally damaging a steel bucket rather than a ceramic crock is far lower, and means that in the long run the RSVP model is bound to outlast theNorpro.

There is a price difference of course, which is likely to factor in to some buying decisions. The Norpro ceramic pail is between $21 and $28 depending on whether you would prefer white or red for your kitchen, whereas the RSVP kitchen compost pails are just under $40.

But the real reason the Norpro is selling so well, I believe is all down to subliminal advertising. Look at any compost bin, or even composting book on amazon and you will see theNorpro ceramic compost keeper as a suggested item, or item other people who buy this product, buy. Being seen on so many pages on their store, theNorpro seems to infiltrate peoples minds and become almost synonymous with kitchen composting rather than just one option out of many.

My advice, is don't worry about which are the Best Selling Kitchen Compost Pails. Instead buy one you like that fits in with your budget. There are a few pre-requisites for any good kitchen compost crock. Filters, a sturdy handle, large enough capacity and a well fitting lid for example. You might also prefer one that is dishwasher safe to make life even easier.