We selected some of the best new wireless keyboards to review in best selling wireless keyboards 2013. These keyboards have different features, but I am sure you will find the proper one for your needs here.

When it comes to a wireless keyboard, I'd not recommend going for the cheapest option. Where producers tend to skimp on budget keyboards is on the wireless connection. Meaning that the range is very short and you basically need to keep it as close to the PC as a wired keyboard. Furthermore a number of the cheaper keyboards aren't too dependable. All of the keyboards we picked for this review are however very reliable and have a good connecting range.

K350 from Logitech

This keyboard offers a little bit of comfort in daily typing. The wave design naturally angles your wrists in a more comfy placement. The keyboard can support different hand types and various finger lengths. This makes long typing tasks less stressful on your hands. The feel from the keyboard is solid. The overall design displays good quality and attention to detail.

This keyboard has a unifying USB dongole. The enclosed software programs are also very user friendly. Another essential feature of the keyboard is that it is easy to customize. The function keys with the exception of two (F12 and F11) can be programmed. Which means you are able to open documents, launch programs, perform a search etc. with the press of a button. You also have the ability to turn off 'num lock'.'caps lock', 'Insert' etc. This is fantastic for computer users who are tired of wasting time because of misclicks.

Overall a product of great quality sold at a very affordable price

HP Wireless Elite Keyboard

The sleek and non bulky layout ensures that the keyboard does not take up much space on your desktop. It is also very light making it quite simple to handle. The keyboard is designed to complement any Laptop or computer. Which means that it can replace a normal desktop keyboard but also a notebook keyboard. This is handy if your notebook is quite bulky or heats up quickly. As in both cases the laptop computer becomes uncomfortable in a lap this keyboard offers relief. Also the keyboard has the look and feel of a normal notebook keyboard. This increases the ease of use for laptop users.

The HP Wireless Elite has no LED lights that indicate when Caps Lock or Num Lock is on. Which means that you will only be aware if CAPS lock is active when, you press a key. This may be a minor nuisance while typing.

The keyboard is truly plug and play. So no software or driver installation is necessary. However you should install the HP software to totally utilize the keyboard's features.

The HP wireless Elite is a really light-weight nearly noiseless keyboard which is simple installation.

Verbatim Wireless Slim Keyboard and Mouse

This wireless duo ensures your complete digital flexibility. The keyboard has a sound build while remaining light-weight. The keys are crisp and very reactive to the touch. The communication between the Personal computer and the keyboard is very quick. Consequently you won't suffer from annoying delays. So whatever you type will appear on the screen instantly. The mouse is also very accurate and user friendly.

The Verbatim mouse that comes with this keyboard is one of the top wireless mice of 2013.

No drivers must be installed in order to use the keyboard and the mouse. They're compatible not only with 'Windows Vista' but also with 'Windows 2000', 'Windows XP' and 'Windows 7'.

The keyboard also has a media console. This lets you control your volume as well as play an pause, from the keyboard. The keyboard is also very intuitive to use. However a quick start guide is also provided to help resolve any issues.

This option is probably the best most affordable of all the keyboards that we reviewed here.

I hope you found what you where looking for in best selling wireless keyboards 2013.