Safety Razor Set(115818)

Do you suffer from ingrown hairs or razor bumps? You could be shaving all wrong. 

A few years back I started to follow the rules of shaving that were standard for my fathers, father.  I began using an old-fashioned safety razor and a badger hair brush. safety razors were invented well over 100 years ago. A safety razor has a blade that is held in by a few metal plates at a right angle to the handle.   They evolved from the straight razor, which is really no different from a very sharp knife. 

Over these hundred years the razor has changed a lot but it has not improved your changes of the ingrown hairs.  Modern day shaving cartridges have a tendency to pull the hair on your face out while they make the cut.  This will allow for the hair to drop below the skin causing ingrown hairs.  Using a safety razor and a good quality badger hair brush will allow for the hair to stand on end to get a smooth cut along the surface of the face.  This alone will make for a better shave even when followed by a cartridge.  When you follow the use of a badger hair brush with the use of a safety razor you will get the best shave of a lifetime.

If you are just starting out here are the things you will need.

  • Safety razor
  • Badger hair brush
  • Shaving cream or soap
  • Mug to make lather

Once you have gotten everything you need you can begin shaving.  You will want to make sure your face is nice and soft.  You can achieved this by shaving after a hot shower or after letting a hot towel sit on your face. When you mix up your shaving cream you want to whip it until it is a thick lather that creates peaks on the brush.  When you have achieved this you can begin by lathering your face.  You will want to shave in a down indirection making sure to move slow enough to make sure you will not cut yourself.  If you are prone to ingrown hairs you should shave with the grain while if you are not you can shave across the grain for a smoother shave.

With a few minor changes to your shaving accessories and technique you will be able to greatly improve your ability to avoid ingrown hairs and razor bumps.