Some women prefer to stick to what they know best when it comes to hair removal methods. That's going to stick them with razors and shaving cream. There's a good chance you're one of those women who just grabs the shaving cream that's on sale, but is it really beneficial to your beauty goals?

Perhaps you've noticed the discount cream you bought doesn't provide your skin with the moisture you'd originally hoped or maybe while shaving you notice the cream clogs the blades and affects the closeness of the shave. Either way, you're probably fed up with the hassle and are looking to replace that disappointed you so much.

Which ones are best? Are they products that will provide you with everything you look for in a shaving cream? The good news is, yes! You can find high quality, inexpensive products to use with your hair removal sessions even if you have sensitive skin.


shaving cream

If you're looking for a product that's thick, creamy and has a wide variety of fragrances to choose from, then you should become acquinted with the Skintimate products. Not only do they smell yummy, they also infuse the skin with moisture because most of their creams use aloe vera and Vitamin E.

You'll be able to shave without having to worry about cutting yourself too much since this product provides a lot of glide even if you're using a disposable razor. So if you're in a hurry, have no fear;Skintimate is here.

You also have a wide variety of textures to choose from. You may be in the mood to try a shaving gel instead of a cream. You can choose the cream alone, or you can opt for one of their products that goes on as a gel but spreads as a cream making the time it normally takes to apply your product before shaving a lot shorter.

If you're traveling, you'll be able to pick up a travel size can from your local store's sample aisle and even the large cans are less than $6. The cans are also a bright colors and can make selecting your favorite fragrance easier. Sometimes it will be hard to remember which one is your favorite because the collection is so large. Using the color or remembering the image associated with the fragrance will simplify your product selection.


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Pure Silk

Not as extravagant as the Skintimate brand, but just as enjoyable to use. There aren't nearly as many fragrances available, but the ones that are available are easy on the nostrils. Not quite as creamy and rich as the previously mentioned product, but it's one of those products that are safe to purchase because it works so much better than some of the store brand shaving creams. The price is so affordable, it rarely goes on sale. If the price went any lower you'd probably just get it for free. 

The commercials for this product are a bit cheesy and it's created by the same company who makes the Barbarsol for men, but I always find myself humming the theme while I'm at the store searching for this product.

The size of the can is large for the price and it lasts a long time. The can is also rust free so if you leave it in the shower without the top on, the dispenser won't get disgusting and make you want to throw it out even though the can may be half full.

Pure Silk Moisturizing Shave Cream 8 oz. Cherry Blossom (Pack of 6)
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(price as of Oct 31, 2015)