The planter fascia is the ligament that connects the heel bone to the toes. This is the ligament that supports your arch. If this ligament is overworked or strained, the bottom, or arch of your foot will hurt when you stand or walk. The problem with this condition is that it can causes even light walking to be very painful. Victims experience sharp pain in the heel of their feet especially in the morning.  This painful condition is referred to as planter fascitis. 

What causes it?

The most common cause of this condition is the shoes the victims wear. It is found that wearing ones with poor arch support, or are worn out, or poorly fitting could be the cause. Other causes can be that victim walks or stands for long periods of time on hard surfaces or he has high arches or flat feet. 

Regardless of the cause, something has to be done to help please who suffer with foot pain. The most logical remedy is to purchase some high quality shoes. Ensure that the ones you buy have are very supportive with arch supporting insoles. 

There are many products that are available for suffers of this condition. In fact, there are so many different products available that you like and are supportive. There are many shoes that were designed by podiatrists with the planter fascitis sufferer in mind.

What to look for:

My research for this article revealed many bullet points about what to look for:

1) Break the habit of wearing high heeled shoes. This might seem ridiculous to you, but you will feel better almost immediately. 

2) Shop for a new pair of shoes in the evening. n. Your feet will be slightly larger then.  Ensure that you have your feet measured properly and purchase a pair that fits you. 

3) Avoid any ones without heels. Flat shoes and flip flops provide no support whatsoever. Heels should be at least 1". At the same time you must remember not to wear high heels. The flat ones provide no shock absorption at all. I realize that I have said not to wear flip flops. An open toed shoe that has adequate support is fine and might be more comfortable than your everyday shoes. 

4) Remember that shock absorption is the most important aspect. Shoes that have rubber soles are superior shock absorbers than leather soles. 

A good shoe to prevent planter fascitis will keep your feet comfortable for the entire day. Once you begin to feel pain, even if it is in the evening, it is time to replace those shoes. Replace them regularly. This may sound like it can become expensive, but how much is it worth to you to live your life with pain free feet?

Of course, if your problem persists even after you have purchased high quality shoes, please go to consult your physician. You might have to go to the next level which could be orthotic inserts or even night splints. 

Remember these simple facts when you are deciding on a shoe to buy. You can heal your feet without taking any pain medication if you wear the correct shoes. This goes back to the old addage that states, "take care of your feet and they will take care of you."

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