You can find the best shoes for aching feet, depending on your specific situation. Since everyone needs something different, weather for walking on concrete, standing still for long periods of time, or footwear with steel toe, there is not a single best answer.  In this article, I would like go over some of the most comfortable options you have.  I did work for a few years at a shoe store several years ago and would like to share some of my knowledge with you.

Best Brands of Shoes for Aching Feet


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Ecco:  These are fantastic shoes for walking or working.  They are leather and somewhat dressy in appearance.  The men’s styles are currently priced at about $180, but they are worth every penny if you have aching feet.  The arch support is high, similar to orthotics.  Those that bought them despite the high price were always happy with them.  They make women’s shoes as well that you might want to consider if you have sore feet, heels, or arches.

New Balance:  At the store, we considered New Balance to be one of the top two values for the money.  They are priced under 70 dollars for most and are very comfortable.  If you check for sales, you can find them in the $60 range.  The walking shoes were among the best you would find for support and comfort.

Avia:  We considered this the best value, but not necessarily the very best and most comfortable option.  They were and still are quality footwear, so you will likely be happy with them.  They have a cantilever heel that cushions with every step, reducing heel and back fatigue.  Those that used them for running really liked the heel cushioning.  You can find them in men’s and women’s style for under 50 dollars and will find great value if you have a tight budget and cannot afford to go up.


AVIA Women's A5230W,Chrome Silver/Steel Grey/Detox Blue,9 B US
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Reebok:  Many people would as about Reebok versus Nike running and walking shoes.  Despite a higher profit margin on many Nike brands, we suggested people get the Reebok, for the most part, when the customers liked the comfort of both.  They were slightly more rugged and tended to last longer.  They are among the best value for aching feet you will find as it pertains to footwear.  Prices vary greatly, with most coming in well under 100 dollars.

Easy Spirit:  Easy Spirit women’s shoes are great.  They last pretty well and are pretty supportive.  Most people that purchased them were repeat customers.  They are among the better values you will find in the world of footwear.  They are priced right as well.

Saucony:  We suggested these primarily for running.  They were very lightweight and hand good support, so they were a good option for people that had sore feet from running and moving around on them all day long.  The lasted pretty well and were high quality.  You can find them under 80 dollars without too much trouble.


Easy Spirit Women's Romy Sneaker,White/Light Grey,10 M
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Arch Support

One of the main causes of aching feet was poor arch support.  The pain from poor arch support would generally start in the middle of the foot, near the arch, but was likely to spread to the entire foot and sometimes the calves.  Feel your old shoes.  If you cannot clearly feel the arch support, it is time for either a new pair, or a new insert.

Add Orthotic Inserts

Orthotic inserts can make a big difference in foot fatigue and pain.  If you cannot afford the best option for sore and aching feet, an inexpensive orthotic insert could help reduce pain.  Several stores sell them, but you should not just rely on getting the cheapest one on the rack.

Have Yourself Sized For Proper Fit

I cannot stress this enough.  At least once, you need to go to a full service shoe store and ask them to measure your feet.  I had multiple people that would come into the store and complain of foot, calf, leg, and back pain.  They would be wearing a size 9 shoe.  I would measure them and determine they needed a size 11.  The customers, both men and women, simply could not envision wearing such a big pair of shoes.  The ones that made the switch would normally come back to the store and thank us because the pain would be greatly reduced or completely gone.  Some actually made special trips to the store a week later to thank us.  The same can go for buying shoes too big, not wide enough, and too wide, but it is less prevalent.  Have your feet measured by a professional and take their advice.  You will not have aching feet for long. 

Consider Gel Heel Inserts

A gel heel insert can make a big difference in heel pain.  Every time you take a step, you essentially jar every bone from your heel to your neck.  A heel insert can absorb some of the shock.  These are cheap, generally around $15 or less and can make a big difference.  Like even the best shoes, they breakdown and must be replaced every once in a while.

Don’t Go Cheap

You can find some really good values.  Avia, for example, is a lower priced, but quality brand.  If you simply go to your local store and look for shoes under 25 dollars, you are not likely to find something that will cure your aching feet.  If you get 9 months from quality footwear that costs 60 dollars, it should be considered a cheap health bargain.

Replace Often

Even the very best shoes for aching feet will not last forever.  If you are on your feet all day long, or run long distances regularly, expecting to get more than 6-9 months from your shoes is not realistic, as far as foot support goes.  It’s not the appearance of the outside of the footwear that matters; it is the inside that counts.

When it comes to finding the best shoes for aching feet, you have plenty to keep in mind.

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