Find the best show to go to in Las Vegas

Top Las Vegas Show

If you are planning to see a show Las Vegas, it is important to spend your money on the best show in Las Vegas for YOU.  Las Vegas has some great shows, but there are also a lot of not so great shows.  These shows are not cheap either, so do your research first and I promise it will be money well spent.  There is a whole spectrum of shows ranging from afternoon family friendly comedy magic to late night seductive showgirl strip tease.  I guess you could say there is something for everyone.

 If you are not familiar with Cirque Du Soleil, it is definitely something you should become familiar with.  Cirque Du Soleil puts on some of the greatest shows in Las Vegas and are sure to be unlike anything else you have ever seen before.  You will be amazed by the high caliber of skills performed and the larger than life visual production.  These shows are center around circus acrobats and follow a dreamy theatrical storyline.  

 There are seven Cirque Du Soleil shows in Las Vegas;  Criss Angel Believe, Zumanity, Viva Elivis, Mystere, Ka, Love, and O.  I have listed them from worst to best.  Unless you get a great price for Criss Angel Believe or Zumanity I would stay away. 

Mystere at Treasure Island is an amazing show that showcases outstanding acrobatic skill, but you should also be aware that it does not showcase a big visual production like other Cirque shows.  Another warning is for Ka, at MGM.  This show is the opposite of Mystere.  Ka showcases a big visual production and an amazing set, but with less emphasis on the acrobatics.  Both shows are great and very popular but could leave you disappointed if you are expecting something different.  

 The Best of The Cirque Du Soleil shows to see in Las Vegas is hands down" O " at the Bellagio.  This show will leaving you drooling in your seat.  Go to their website to watch a video of the show and get a synopsis of the storyline.  Love, at the Mirage comes in at a close second.  If you are a Beatles fan, it is a must see.

One show that you would think is a Cirque Du Soleil show in Le Reve at the Wynn hotel and casino.  This would be a third favorite show in Las Vegas.  It is absolutely fantastic and mixes acrobatics and art into one show.

 You can’t go wrong with these three shows, but you are also going to pay for it.  Depending on your seats, a ticket will rage from $95 to $160.  If you are looking for a discount, you won’t find anything better than 25% off.  If you want to see one of these shows don’t be fooled by all the discount ticket websites.  The best price you will get is by going to the Casino’s websites.  Almost always you can get a 25% discount.

 The Best Unknown Show in Las Vegas is Gordie Brown, performed at the Golden Nugget at Freemont Street.  This show is a true treasure.  Gordie Brown is an entertainer/singer/comedian/impressionist.  The show is set on a small stage in a cozy theatre with a full band and a back-up vocalist. The show is very tastefully done, and to be enjoyed by ages 18 to 80.  You will be on the floor rolling in laughter.  The best thing about this show is that it is actually affordable.  General tickets are going to be about $30 and you are also likely to find discount tickets.

Special shows that come intoLas Vegas for a short period of time are recommended based on your personal feelings for the performer.  They are usually very good,  and you will already know if you want to see them or not, they are typically very famous bands, comedians, and talents.

For the permanent Las Vegas shows I highly recommend (after seeing almost every show) that you choose from the four shows mentioned above.  There are many other shows that are entertaining and fun, if you have an interest in another show by all means please go see it, but the ones I have discussed are unforgettable.