Top Four 'Silent' Compact Fridges

Buying a 'silent' mini fridge is definitely a wise move on your part -- especially if you are looking to keep the compact refrigerator either in your bedroom, dorm room -- (so the operating noise level doesn't keep you awake etc.) or you are looking to have it beside or under your desk at work (so it doesn't distract you from the task in hand). Below, you will find a list of four of the very best 'value' and silent mini fridges around in the current market of 2012 -- having being selected firstly on the priority of operating noise level of pretty much dead silence, and then secondly on the features and specifications which actually make it 'useful' as an functioning mini fridge (and even freezer in some cases) such as its storage space to even its overall design look etc. 

Black DAR195BL Mini Fridge by Danby 

(Price Estimate Range as of 23/09/2012: $130 - 150)

Danby DAR195BL Mini FridgeCredit: -- DanbyThis sleek looking black Danby mini fridge is highly regarded and is an extremely popular model in the current mini fridge market of 2012 -- and to be fair there is no wonder why really. Firstly, the DAR195BL is of course 'extremely quiet' or as one Amazon reviewer put it "[almost] totally silent", but there are many other well regarded features to be admired too. The size of the fridge is perfectly practical for either an office or bedroom (not too big nor too large -- at the 1.8 cubic feet mark which translates into roughly 51 litres), where it is more than capable of fitting a decent amount of food and drink in there (as can be viewed from the image on the above right). Moreover, it actually does its job and it does it rather well -- it has the capacity to keep your food and beverages incredibly cool as many other reviews will testify, and you can of course adjust the temperature through an integrated thermostat, if it all works a bit too well (as others have experienced). Other useful features also include -- the 'reversible door hinge for both right handed and left handed opening as well as the customizable shelving compartments and can storage etc. (which again can be seen in the above image). 

HNSE032BB Compact Fridge/Freezer by Haier 

(Price Estimate Range as of 23/09/2012: $210 - 250)

From the well renowned company Haier -- is the HNSE032BB, again a popular black and modern-looking appliance, very much like that of the Danby (above) in this regard, however slightly scaled up in terms of sizing and storage (being almost double the size of the Danby at 3.2 cubic feet -- making it the largest of the range on show) and of course being almost silent in operation -- such as a particular customer quotes in her review for the Haier being "very quiet". Moreover, the HNSE032BB also comes with a few special features of its own --including the fact that it comes with its very own separate 'freezer compartment'! Which obviously lends itself towards a few brownie points over most other mini fridges. In terms of the fridge's storing compartments it is fitted out with two glass shelves, can storage lines (roughly 8). In all, this appliance is more than capable of dealing with your standard needs and requirements of a mini fridge and does offer you pretty good 'value' for its price tag.

DCR326BSL Dual Door Compact Fridge with Freezer by Danby

(Price Estimate Range as of 23/09/2012: $250 - 350) 

A sort of 'big brother' (with the second largest storage capacity of the mini fridges in the range -- 3.1 cubic feet) to that of the DAR195BL model mentioned above, is another Danby -- the DCR326BSL which is a rather handsome stainless steel finished compact refrigerator that boasts a list of highly useful features (of course including its low noise level running of operation). Like that of the  HNSE032BB it has been fitted out with its own separate freezer compartment as well as being fitted with interior lighting (a feature I am personally rather fond of) -- making it in truth to be essentially an actual major line fridge. In terms of target market -- the DCR2326BSL has been specifically designed towards students looking to keep food nice and cool within the dorm and bedrooms. One reviewer sums up this Danby rather nicely  -- "This Great Fridge is definitely the Little Fridge that could ...and is doing a job of a Big Fridge in a smaller package."

Compact Refrigerator with Stainless Finish by SPT

(Price Estimate as of 23/09/2012: $160 - 200)

SPT Stainless Mini FridgeCredit: -- SPTIn my personal view --  the 'best looking' of the bunch is the SPT stainless door compact refrigerator that again offers you the same low levels of noise operation as the above models, but fits in somewhere in between the range with a storage capacity of 2.5 cubic feet (hence being specifically aimed at students and the working office environment -- you maybe surprised to find that it is just the right size to fit under your desk). Moreover, it comes with a range of other useful features also -- such as its 'reversible door' and range of storage options in terms of transparent drawers and glass shelving (and of course comes with a standard adjustable thermostat). But, the real 'plus' factor that this fridge offers is simply its 'value for money' offering -- where for such a low price (relative to other mini fridges, where you can spend a lot more and get a lot less)-- you are getting a whole bunch of features and practical specifications out of it. To be fair, I hope that at the very least, you consider checking this SPT out -- probably edging it as the buy of the bunch. 

Which one of the mini fridges would you buy and why? Please let me know below, along with any general remarks, questions or concerns either regarding the article 'Best silent mini fridges' or about either of the mini fridges individually (e.g. HNSE032BB, the DCR326BSL etc.) in the comments section, that you should be able to find just below.