Buying a simple bike does not mean buying a bike from Wal-Mart. Buying a bike should only be done from a local bike store or from a reputable online bicycle dealer such as BikesDirect. There are many types of African style bikes available. Here are is one of the top African style bikes you can buy that is designed to be ridden in rough territory such as sub-Saharan Africa and last. In Africa and other parts of the world there are areas where bicycles are used to help out humanity. People may deliver life saving drugs long distances by bicycle or even to use the bicycle with a trailer designed to pull people as a make-shift ambulance. Here is one of the more popular African style bikes that can be used by anyone, even if you are riding 20 or miles out into the deserts of Africa to help deliver a baby.

Kona AfricaBike


The Kona AfricaBike is the quintessential African style bicycle. This bicycle is a true workhorse. The Kona AfricaBike is not designed simply for looks. This is that same bike that Kona donates to people in rural areas of Kenya each year. The Kona AfricaBike is a truly hardcore bike that is designed to hold up to many rigors of riding. You can expect this 3 speed model of the bike to last your for the rest of your life. Seriously, this bike is very sturdy. It is definitely not the lightest or fastest bike ever made, but it is durable and will more than pay for the cost of it by allowing you to use it every day for the rest of your life if you so desire.

The Kona AfricaBikes donated to help humanity out in Kenya are generally the single speed models.  Every time someone buys a Kona AfricaBike the proceeds from the sale are donated to supply free bicycles to various charities in Africa. The Kona AfricaBike only comes in one frame size; however the bike is designed to work for people of a wide variety of heights. You will find the Kona AfricaBike will fit you regardless of how short or tall you may be.

Each year numerous lives are saved and extended because healthcare workers have access to bicycles such as the Kona AfricaBike. Life saving medication for AIDS patients is often passed out by health care workers who visit homes. These people are too sick to even get out of bed so health care workers make house visits to give them their daily medication. The problem is that when the workers have to walk they cannot cover very much territory and on some days may only be able to visit one home if it is far away. With bikes such as the Kona AfricaBike these home health care workers can visit many more homes and dispense a lot more medicine. You can help out with efforts such as these by volunteering your time, donating money, or by buying a Kona AfricaBike. All proceeds from the sales of Kona AfricaBike go to help donate bicycles to needy charities in Africa and you also get the benefit of having a pretty cool bicycle that is very durable.