Dark Spots
Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freckle

Are you feeling frustrated with your dark spots and wish they will go away? They are common skin problems for people in forties. They are every women's  nightmare. Not only do most people feel embarrassed with them, they also make them look older than they actually are, adding 10 years to their look. Without facial dark spots, you will enjoy a flawless skin.

Brown spots develop when melanin becomes concentrated in one area. These pigmented patches can develop on any part of our body. Usually you can find them on the hands, neck and face which are exposed to the sun most of the times.

They are also called as liver spots and age spots. They are bigger than freckles and irregular in shape. They affect anyone regardless of race or skin color.

What causes these discolored spots to appear? They develop on the skin due to various factors. Too much exposure to sun is the most common factor. Changes in the hormones of your body, especially when you are pregnant causes these spots to appear on your face and body. They are also known as the mask of pregnancy.

Other factors such as certain psychiatric medications, stress, antibiotics (sulfonamides and tetracyclines), genetic causes, diuretics, hormone replacement therapy, menopause, pain relievers, thyroid deficiency, acne, surgical defects, fungal infections, deficiency of zinc, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), and birth control pills can also lead to the development of dark spots.

Always consult with dermatologists to ascertain that these spots are harmless. The idea behind this was some of these patches can become cancerous over time.

There are many ways to remove excess pigmentation such as chemical peels, exfoliation, and laser therapy. But they're only suggestions, and few people can afford such treatments.

For a brown spot treatment to be effective, you have to protect the affected areas from the sun. Always use sunscreen as it is your first line of defense against dark spots.
Never expect an overnight miracle. The fading of pigmentation will take some time. If they don't diminish on its own then they can be permanent. What's clear is that, it may be difficult to get rid of them.

You can lighten hyperpigmentation with the advanced lightening creams. By reducing its intensity, you can achieve a more uniform skin tone. This is what most people would dream of: a flawless and fair skin without any spot.

Choosing the best skin lightening cream can be a nightmare when you have many choices in front of you. It is important to understand the contents in the cream so you don't irritate your skin or add more problems to your hyperpigmentation.

Hydroquinone is used by dermatologists to treat hyperpigmentation. It can suppress the melanin production in the melanocytes. However, with the potential risk of cancer and skin irritation, it has been banned from skin care products in Europe and Japan.

Don't use any cream that contain harsh chemicals like mercury. Always stick to natural ingredients. For example, kojic acid is a natural lightening agent. It is derived from mushrooms. It can retard the production of melanin by slowing down the activity of tyrosinase.

Skin lightening creams can fade age spots but make sure you apply sunscreen all the time as they will develop again when your skin is exposed to the sun. If you want to remove them naturally, check the label for herbal ingredients in the skin care products.

Although skin discoloration is not endangering your life, they are known to be the face spoilers. There's nothing that can give you a sense of satisfaction when your skin looks youthful and healthy again. If these brown blotchy marks concern you dearly, then visit www.audreyadams.net/best-skin-lightening-cream/ to find out how you can fade dark spots quickly without expensive laser treatments.