Black Skin

You may be wondering why Black skin is any different to other skin tones, well, it is because of the melanin( better known as pigment). Using the wrong products on Black Skin  can dry it out, cause reactions and even make skin oily and cause acne. 

Best Skin Products for Black Skin

Tips for Black Skin

  • When searching for products to moisturize Black Skin, try and make sure the products contain hyaluronic acids, these help the skin retain moisture better than those with out hyaluronic acids.
  • Think about your skin when you are on any medication because some chemicals in medication can make Black Skin more sensitive to the sun, causing a range of reactions. If you find that your skin flares up when exposed to the Sun anyway, always ask whether the medication you are being prescribed or buying over the counter has that particular side effect. If the medication you take, which includes Birth control pills, cancer treatment, acne medication, antibiotics and others, have the side effect of making your skin more sensitive, you must apply high sun factor protection and avoid the sun when you can.
  • Avoid products that contain salicylic acid or Benzoyl peroxide as these are harsh chemicals that are more likely to cause a severe reaction to Black skin types more than other types.
  • Make sure your make up matches your skin type. Foundations can now be bought to match skin type, so if you have oily skin, buy water based make up. If you have dry skin, buy oil based make up.

Skin Bleach for Black Skin

A common want for people with dark skin is to want to use Skin bleach. It is usually wanted for 3 reasons, hyperpigmentation, melasma or just for cosmetic changes in appearance. An increase in melanin can cause the above conditions, meaning the sufferer wants to use Skin Bleach to even out the darker patches. Skin Bleach is becoming something of a scare as people are reporting their skin is being ruined.

Dark Spots on Black Skin

Dark spots are caused by a number of different issues, age spots,sunburn, acne. The best way to prevent this is to keep your skin protected from UV rays, as Uv rays increase these Dark spots on Black Skin rapidly.

Best Products for Black Skin

With Black Skin being so delicate and sensitive, it makes it detrimental that you buy the right products in the first place, as a bad product could set a flare up and scar. It is always harder to try and fix an issue after it has caused damage than it is to prevent issues with products that are not suitable.

For a dark spot fading cream, Nadinola Skin Discolouration Fade cream is recommended by users on Amazon. Very reasonable at under $10 delivered.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar Moisturizer Dry Skin is another great product that can be bought in Spf25 also, so you can either choose the extra rich moisturising factor or the UV protection version.

Just natural and Organic care is another great African American secret that provides specialised products that you may wish to try.

Remember that the best thing someone can do for their skin is let it breathe. Keep a simple regime of cleanse, tone and moisturise unless you have other issues. If you do wish to put something more on your face however, L'oreal and Roc are well respected for having great ethnic foundations that will not cause reactions.

Cosmetic surgery for Keyloids

Black skin is more prone to Keyloid scars so anyone seeing cosmetic surgery as a solution to repairing damage to their skin needs to make sure they visit a cosmetic surgeon that is use to dealing with people of color and how the darker skin heals, as to reduce the risk of keyloids scarring.