Shopping for new clothing can be a nightmare for people who have hard-to-fit shapes. Shopping for skirts can be especially problematic because it is very hard to find a single type that looks good on everyone. Is short better than long? Is full better than flat? Will this skirt make me look fat? Will this one make my butt look big? The good news is – we are here to help answer some of those questions for you. We have put together a list of women's skirts and which types of body they are best suited for to help make shopping for your next skirt a little easier.

First you need to know which body type you have. Your choices are:

Banana – Straight up and down, no hips or curves to speak of

Pear – Small top, wide hips

Apple – Large/wide top, small/average hips and bottom

Hourglass – Small waist, average top, average bottom, curvy

Which Type of Skirts for Your Body type

Hourglass Shape

Hourglass shapes are the most flattering and versatile of all the body types, which means they will look good in just about any skirt they wear. However, if you really want to show off your curves, opt for a skirt that fits snugly through the waist and hips. High-waisted skirts like pencil skirts work really well for this and look fabulous with just about any type of blouse or top.

Banana Shape

People with banana shapes can also wear just about any type of skirt. However, if you want to create the illusion of curves, you want to choose one that sits low on the hips and has some detail or fullness at the top of the waistline. You want to avoid pleats at the waistband, however – and opt for styles that taper slightly at the hem.

 Pear Shape

People looking to outfit a pear shaped body in a skirt have a few more challenges than those with other body types. However, there are some handy tricks that you use use to ensure you choose the perfect skirt. First, avoid skirts that have added and unnecessary bulk – like pleats and super full hemlines. You also want to avoid bulky, heavy fabrics and horizontal stripes as well. You want a skirt that has a lot of movement in the hips, but a fitted, well-tailored waistline. That way, the eye is drawn to the waist, not the hips. A-line skirts are a good choice for achieving this. Also keep in mind that the shorter the skirt, the longer the body looks, which can help draw the eye in a vertical line instead of a horizontal one that emphasizes the hips.

Apple Shape

Apple shaped bodies need to create the illusion of fullness at the bottom to balance the broadness of the torso and shoulders. To do this, choose a skirt that has a lot of bounce and flounce at the hemline. Circle skirts, A-line skirts or even skirts with asymmetrical hemlines all work well for apple shapes. When working with patterns, be sure you keep the boldest prints and colors near the bottom of the skirt so that the eye is not drawn to the top and midsection of the body, which are the areas you are trying to compensate for in the skirt.