What to healthy foods to eat at work

Maintaining a good health

The key to maintaining good health is eating balanced and nutrient-rich diet. However, your lifestyle can be affected by long office hours. When at work, busy and couldn’t get yourself a time to get a good meal, taking an assortment of healthy snacks can help you through the day.

To avoid piling on pounds at work, take the best snack foods at work that you can find; can provide fiber, have small amount of fat, can provide protein, and have less than 200 calories or much less.


FruitFruits To Eat For A Good Healths makes for a healthy snack food at work at anytime time of the day, everyday. Whether they are fresh fruits from the grocery store that day or dried fruit stored in your desk, they make healthy choices for snack. Fruits such as strawberries, grapes and raspberries make for refreshing snack. For those with sweet tooth, dried fruits are far healthier option.

A combination of peanut butter and apple offers fiber, protein and fruit. A half an avocado for snack will fill you up with fiber and can help keep you feeling full for longer. This can keep your body from piling pounds.

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Vegetables offer a variety of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fibers whether they are raw or cooked. There are varieties of ways to enjoy vegetables. Raw carrots, celery and cucumber go together well with a dip calVegetables For Healthled hummus. This kind of dip provides fibers and nutrients that help normalize blood pressure and improve the absorption of vitamin E.

Cooked vegetables such as baked potatoes and sweet potatoes can be topped with canned tuna in water. This can make a delicious and nutritious snack food at work.


One of the great sources of nutrients are nuts. Nuts are also great source of protein as well as monosaturated fats. Certain seeds and nuts are proven to prevent heart diseases, high cholesterol and weight gain. Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, pecans and cedar nuts can make for healthy snacks so long as they are neither roasted nor salted. The best thing about these healthy snacks is that they can be easily stored in your desk drawers in the office making nuts as one of the best snack foods at work.

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Yogurts, whether they be plain, low-fat, low-calorie or loaded with fruits, can make a healthy office snack. Stonyfield Farm’s organic yogurts are fat-free! Each 8 oz. serving consists 8g of proteins and 150 calories. Dannon’s Light ‘n Fit yogurts are other healthy, low-sugar alternatives. Each 6 oz. pot contains 6g of protein and 90 calories.

Instant Foods

A Packet of instant oatmeal is one of the foods that need not much effort to prepare. Just add water to Oatmeal For Weight Lossthe contents of the packet and microwave for a maximum of two minutes and its ready to eat. In the morning, when you don’t have much time to cook, a packet of instant oatmeal can get you on the go.

If you prefer warm soup in the morning, Nile Spice’s red beans and rice is one of the healthy options. One cup of low-fat, high-fiber Louisiana-style soup offers good amount of protein and has just 170 calories. If you want macaroni and cheese for breakfast yet don’t have enough time to prepare it, Kraft’s Easy Mac Original is a healthy option that is low in calories and is ready in just minutes.