With old man winter just around the corner, you may have decided to dig those snow shovels out of the back of the shed or garage, dust them off and be proactive and ready for that first snowfall.

Electric Snow Shovel - The Best in Light Weight


But maybe this year, you take a good look at that sad worn out spade, and think, maybe it is time for a new one, or something a bit more "user friendly". But you don't want to go down the route of a big thrower, and you don't have the room to store one of those anyways, so what are the choices these days for the best snow shovels. Here are three types, that just might get you out the door to invest in one this year, and save your back!

If you live in a small urban area, and don't have a very big driveway, but you want to be able to clear snow with ease, then you may want to check out the latest in electric ones. These are really cool little machines.

The Snow Joe has many good reviews, and would really help with all that snow this winter.  It also has a rechargeable battery.


Snow Shovel on Wheels

Heavy Duty Adjustable Rolling Snow Pusher With 6" Rubber Wheels
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(price as of Sep 14, 2018)

Rolling Snow Pusher

If you don't want to go down the road of the electric shovels, then you can try this rolling pusher. It is a basic metal blade like on many snow pushers, but this one has a set of good grip treaded tires, that makes pushing a lot easier on your back. This is great for clearing pathways, small driveways and that small backyard skating rink. The wheels take the pressure and stress off your body.

This amazing little Toro power shovel, can be stored easily in a shed as it is not that big, and this can totally save on your back. The only downside, is that it can't really clear anything deeper than 6 inches, so if you are having a heavy snowfall, you may need to go out a couple of times, but it is so quick on decks, small driveways, pathways steps and more, you won't mind clearing the snow this year. You are looking at approximately 100 dollars for this electric one. So, you need to make sure you have an outside useable plug and a good outside extension cord.


this one is really cool and easy to use.

Ergonomic Shovels

If you still like to clear your own manually, or don't have much to clear but want to give your arms and back a break, you can try these ergonomically designed shovels that clear a 20 inch path, and don't need any electricity. These will run about 30 dollars. The design of the handle makes them easier to use and to pick up the snow.

Best Snow Shovels

 So, this year you have some choice if it is time to replace that tired shovel you have had for years. If the edges of the blade are all chipped and rusted (like mine were) then it is time to invest in a good one. The above 3 are examples of the best types on the market, especially for in town or urban areas that are just big enough to hurt your back when you try to move the wet stuff.

Get a head start on old man winter this year and try a new snow shovel get the best one for you, whether it is electric, one with wheels or an ergonomic one, and you might just enjoy clearing the pathway, deck and driveway this year.