Snowboarding competitions are still relatively new, but as snowboarding keeps becoming more and more popular these snowboard competition events are becoming more common. Lets take a look at the history of the snowboard competition and snowboarding as a whole and we will see why it quickly became mainstream enough to get included in the Olympics as an official sport.

Many believe that snowboarding began in the era of about 1965 in the state of Michigan by a man known as Sherman Poppen. Poppen created the first board by nailing some skis together for his daughters. After he saw the great potential in snowboarding he decided to start selling them.

Soon to follow Poppen was Jake Burton who decided to combine surfing and skiing into a new sport. Even though snowboarding was born in the 1960s it wasn't until 1982 that we had our first international snowboard competition. It wasn't as organized as our better ones these days, but it did give birth to the International Snowboarding Federation.

That even was just what snowboarding needed to become legitimized. As time went on over the past few decades more and more snowboard competitions came up and soon snowboarders became just as common as skiers on the mountain slopes.

Snowboarding finally got its big break when the Winter Olympics in Nagano Japan incorporated snowboarding as an even in 1998. By the time the 2002 Olympic games rolled around, snowboarding was the favorite event at the winter games for many people.

Snowboard competitions will continue to grow and become even more popular both in the United States and internationally as time goes on. The history of the snowboard competition may not be very old yet, but it has certainly gone through quite a bit in that time.

Who would have thought that what began with a man nailing skis together to make little competitions in his yard for his daughters would turn into an Olympic sport that has become loved all over the world?

From a rebel sport, to mainstream success, competition has arrived and, it seems, it is here to stay. So if you love the snow and you love competition, then take in a snowboard competition and you will see that all the hype is about more than just skaters on snow, it is legitimate competition.