What is the Best Snowboard Wax? The right wax can really make a difference in how smooth your ride down the mountain will be. Don't just choose any wax, some are better than others.

Has this ever happened to you? You are excited that it is finally your day off of work or school and you are on your way up to the slopes. You finally get there after driving 3 or 4 hours and then you stand in line and wait for another hour for your lift tickets.

After that you get into another line to get on the lift and you and your snowboard head on up the mountain. You reach the top anticipating your fun ride down when you realize your board is not moving! Oh no, it looks like you forgot one important element, your snowboard wax. Don't beat yourself up too badly, it happens even to the best of us.

Snowboard wax has been forgotten or neglected at times even by the most experienced of Snowboarders. In case you didn't know, snowboard wax is not the same kind that you use on your car to make it look shiny.

The best snowboard wax is far more important in its purpose. The wax is necessary for the snowboard to glide smoothly on the snow down the mountain without getting interrupted by anything.

So, how exactly do I wax my snowboard? First, get all of your supplies together. You will need a bar of snowboard wax, a hot iron, a scraper, and an abrasive pad.

Before you get started, you should take all of the materials to a hot, but well-ventilated room. Start off by turning the iron heat to low. Next you want to melt, but not burn your snowboard wax with the iron. Let the wax drip down on to your board.

As soon as you have most of the bar melted on to the board, use the iron to start smoothing out your wax by remelting it again. Once you have all the wax on your board, take your scraper and spread the wax as evenly as you can all along the bottom of your snowboard.

After that you will want to finish your wax job by taking an abrasive pad and clearing away any of the excess wax residue. After it is all nice and dried, you have a waxed snowboard that is ready for the slopes.