Sometimes people hope for things that are impossible. When people start looking for the best snowmobiles under $1,000 they are really setting themselves up for disappointment. Snowmobiles are very expensive and far more expensive than a thousand dollars.

Still, it is possible to find snowmobiles for this cheap. The best way to do it is to shop for used snowmobiles. Used snowmobiles will be much cheaper than new snowmobiles. You need to realize that snowmobiles sell for similar prices to motorcycles.

You would be hard pressed to find either of these machines for under a thousand dollars new. If you did find them for that cheap, you probably wouldn’t feel too safe riding on what you found.

Let’s look at some good models that you should be looking for to find the best snowmobiles under $1,000 that are used.

First, there’s Arctic Cat. They have been around for a while and have proved that they are a reliable company. That’s why shopping for their used products is a great place to start.

The F5 FIRECAT came out back in 2006. That is a while ago, so people might be selling them so that they can purchase the newer models. This could be your gain. The FIRECAT is a great model. It comes with a Suzuki engine and 105 horsepower. It’s just a 2-stroke, so don’t expect it to be a four.

The T660 TURBO ST is also back from 2006. It also has a Suzuki engine, but it has 110 horsepower and is a 4-stroke. You might find this model to be more to your liking, but also might have a harder time finding it for under $1,000.

When it comes down to it, it really depends on where you are purchasing the snowmobile from. The best snowmobiles under $1,000 will probably be found in hotter areas. This is because people know that they will have a hard time selling it.

Whatever you do, don’t be fooled into purchasing a really old snowmobile. I have seen some real terrible snowmobiles before. If it is falling apart, then you don’t want it. When you are buying used, there are a few phrases that you should stay away from.

If someone tells you that their snowmobile will be a good project, then you shouldn’t buy it. What they are trying to tell you is that you are going to need to repair it a whole bunch. There are more brands and models out there than I mentioned in this article.

I would suggest getting to know which brands are known for quality and shopping for used models within that brand. Yamaha is another example of a good brand.

Finding best snowmobiles under $1,000 is hard work because snowmobiles are so expensive to begin with. Some people are so determined to get a snowmobile for cheap that they are willing to buy a crummy brand. Try not to make this mistake because it will leave you with more problems than it will be worth.