Soccer Goalie Pants - Sports Gear for Any Weather

A goalie can choose to wear pants or shorts. Choosing to wear soccer goalie pants is usually a good choice if you want added padding and protection or you are playing in bad weather conditions. Most soccer games won't be postponed due to bad weather and some soccer seasons go on through the coldest months of the year. Finding a pair of soccer goalie pants can help you make that crucial extra save or two.

How To Pick Soccer Goalie Pants

Soccer goalie pants are made to provide padding in the hips and legs for added protection. If you are at all apprehensive in net you'll start letting goals in you shouldn't. By wearing a padded pair of soccer goalie pants you will be given piece of mind to know you are protected. You will eliminate any apprehension you might have had. This will let you freely fly through the air and roll on the ground aggressively. Wearing soccer goalie pants might just make you a better goalie all around.

When you are choosing your pants out you want them to be something you are comfortable in. You will be doing a lot of moving and you will be making big leg movements in them. Usually something that fits a little more snug is best. This won't let any material get in the way and you'll be able to move around net quickly.

Pick out exactly where you need the most padding. Usually the hips are the most important spot for padding. This is to protect against lateral dives, which is a common move of soccer goalies.

Where Can You Buy Soccer Goalie Pants

If you were buying soccer goalie pants for the fist time I would recommend going to an offline retailer to try on a few pairs. Like I said above, the comfort of the pants is important to making the right choice. You'll have an opportunity to find what is most comfortable for you buy going into a store and trying on a few different options. Dick's Sporting Goods is a good place to look first. They often have a wide selection and you can find what you're looking for.

If you already know what soccer goalie pants you want, you can consider shopping for them online. There are a number of soccer specific online retailers. offers a wide selection of soccer specific equipment. Their prices are competitive as well, which is always a plus.

How Much Are Soccer Goalie Pants?

Soccer goalie pants usually range in the $35 to $65 area. Ultimately the price is determined by where you buy them and what brand you choose to go with. Of course the most important part of your selection is what is most comfortable to you. If you want to find the best prices possible, look around online. Narrow it down to a couple pairs you're interested in then compare prices at different online retailers.

Your comfort in goal is important to you performing as best as you can. Picking out the right pair of soccer goalie pants can give you the edge you need to make crucial saves.