Soccer is the most watched sport in the world and its fans are passionate. They always follow their team no matter where they are playing and no matter who they are playing against, they will sing their songs and scream their lungs out at the ref when the calls do not go their team’s way. As passionate as they are, the fans know that beating a specific team makes the victory that much sweeter. Here are the top soccer club rivalries that put the Yankees Vs. Red Sox to shame.

F.C Internazionale de Milano Vs. Juventus F.C

Inter V. Juventus

Inter Vs. Juve is what is known as the “Derby d’Italia and it is one of the most anticipated league matches in the world. Everyone in Italy knows that this is one of the most heated rivalries in soccer and the players know it as well. Both of these teams know how to win with Juventus holding 39 different local and international championships while Inter has a total of 53. Inter does have to make up some ground on the head-to-head matches as Juve has won a total of 98 with 68 loses and 53 draws when they have played Inter.

Galatasaray SK Vs. Fenerbahçe SK

Turkey loves soccer and they have one of the most important rivalries in the world. Both Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe play in Istanbul but because of the geographic location they play in different continents. Even their “friendly” matches have turned not so friendly as fans have rioted on different occasions and the fighting is not always just in the stands. Even the players have come to blows a couple of times. While Galatasaray holds the most titles in the Turkish league Fener is not that far behind and Fener has also won the most times in the head-to-head match history.

Club America Vs. Chivas

Chivas V. AmericaCredit: Reforma

There are two clubs which Mexican soccer fans love to hate and those are America and Chivas. Both of those teams have very strong followings and they are on the top of the list with an equal number of championships in the Mexican league. To add to the rivalry they also represent the two most important cities in the country, Mexico City and Guadalajara. No matter how well or how bad the teams are doing, you can always expect them to play extremely hard that day and the fans may sometimes get a little crazy as the people of Las Vegas found out after a friendly match became an all-out riot.

Boca Juniors Vs. River Plate

Argentina is known as one of the countries that produces some of the best players in the world, but true soccer fans also know that they have also one of the best rivalries in the world. When River Plate and Boca Juniors get together you are likely to see the fiercest game that you will ever watch. The Superclásico as it is known gets the two teams in the country with the most fans and they also have some of the best players in South America. Boca Juniors is the club of choice for 41 percent of the population in the country while River Plate gets 39 percent. Both clubs are also close in the number of titles held, but when they face each other Boca Juniors has an edge with 126 wins out of 338 matches.

Boca Juniors V. River PlateCredit: El Grafico

Roma Vs. Lazio

To understand the rivalry between Lazio and Roma you have to go to its origins. The Italian capital is big but at one point there were several teams in the area including Lazio, Roman F.C., Fortitudo-Pro Roma SGS and SS Alba-Audace. The idea was to get those clubs together and the result would be a super-team that could beat the ones from the north of the country. The last three teams agreed to form A.S. Roma, but Lazio decided to stay its own team and the rivalry was born. The teams hate each other and while they share the stadium you should not think of them as chums.

Barcelona Vs. Real Madrid

Barcelona V. Real MadridCredit: Alejandro Ramos

There are two teams that are always mentioned when you talk about the top clubs in the world and those are Barcelona and Real Madrid. A lot of the best players in the world have been a part of the heated matches between these two clubs including today Messi and Ronaldo. Players will sign with different clubs through their careers, but if you play for one of these two you better not go to the other as Luis Figo would tell you after he signed with Real Madrid. Fans burnt his posters at the stadium and a pig’s head ended up on the field. Barcelona fans labeled the superstar as a traitor and let him know exactly what they thought when he returned to the Nou Camp.

Man U Vs. Liverpool

Manchester United Vs. LiverpoolCredit: Sdo216

In the last hundred years there have been two teams in England that have always fought to be the best; those two teams are the Red Devils of Manchester United and Liverpool. The rivalry can get so heated that the teams have mostly played just afternoon as a way to have fans who have not drunk as much alcohol during the day. You could ask any of the fans from either side and they will gladly tell you that their team is the best of all time. They can both make the case because in the 70’s and 80’s Liverpool dominated English football, but since the Red Devils have seen the most success.

Ajax Vs. Feyenoord

Ajax and Feyenoord are complete opposites except in the success that they have seen. Ajax is from Amsterdam while Feyenoord is from Rotterdam; two completely different cities culturally and politically. If you plan to attend one of these two matches then you should beware that there is always a possibility that a fight will break out at the stands. The most tragic of those fights happened at Beverwijk where several fans ended injured and one lost his life. Ajax is by far the more successful of the two clubs in Holland and in Europe.  

Feyenoord V. AjaxCredit: NL-HaNA, ANEFO