Best Soccer Shoes for Turf and Grass

There are a few key factors to consider when you are finding the best soccer shoes for you. Soccer is played primarily on your feet with your main weapon being your toe. This makes the footwear you choose the most important piece of equipment you wear. In order to pick the best soccer shoes, you should be able to make an informed decision based on the choices you have available.

What Types of Cleats are there?

The cleats are what give you the traction you need to make sharp cuts quickly. There are different cleats for different surfaces.

Molded cleats are not removable. They are suitable for play on just about all field types in all weather conditions. Beginners to intermediate players are best served picking a pair of soccer shoes with molded cleats. Most youth soccer programs recommend wearing molded cleats for safety reasons.

After molded cleats there are detachable cleats. These are bit more advanced because they give the player the ability to wear different length cleats for different conditions. They'll usually be best for fields that are wet and soggy or soft well-groomed grass fields. Most experienced players prefer detachable cleats because of the versatility they offer.

Indoor soccer is played on a completely different surface and therefore requires a completely different soccer shoe. When you are picking out the best soccer shoes you should first be considering the surface you'll be playing on. For indoor soccer you will pick out a pair of shoes with soft leather upper and nearly no cleats coming out the bottom. They will be engineered to give you added traction on the turf however.

Where Can You Buy The Best Soccer Shoes

Ultimately the best soccer shoes are what your feet tell you. You want to have shoes that are comfortable and responsive. If you are on the market from a brand new pair of shoes, go in to any sporting good retailer and try out their selection.

If you are replacing a pair of the best soccer shoes you've ever worn, you can comfortable shop for them online. offers a wide selection of cleats and shoes. You should be able to find the right pair that fits your needs.

How Much Are The Best Soccer Shoes?

The soccer shoes you wear are the most important piece of equipment you buy. This makes them a reasonable candidate for spending a decent amount of money. The importance can justify the seemingly lofty price. Some of the best soccer shoes will range in the $100 to $200 range. The ultimate price depends on what types of cleats you decide to go with and the overall construction of the shoe. The more promoted a certain pair of shoe is the more expensive it is likely to be. For example the shoe that Ronaldinho wears will probably cost more than a non-endorsed pair of Nike's.

When you are picking out your soccer shoes be sure to consider the surface you'll be playing on first. Finding the best soccer shoes is a matter of evaluating your needs and finding the best fit for your feet.