Sony Daily Edition

Handheld Ebook Readers are fast becoming the 'must have gadget' if 2010. But with so many models on the market, both new and old the problem is choosing which one is the best. Sony Ebook Readers have a large and loyal customer base. Hardly surprising when Sony has always led the way in portable personal electronics. But even if you are certain Sony is the brand of portable reading device for you, which one to choose is still a big question.

I have narrowed down the search for the Best Sony Reader for you. Three of their brightest stars in the world on electronic book readers. Check out the information regarding the Sony Pocket Edition and the Sony Touch Edition readers already posted here at infobarrel. Now, if neither of those have everything you are looking for, it is time to check out the subject of this article; the Sony Daily Edition Ebook Reader.

The Daily or PRS9000 Sony E-Reader is the most expensive included in the 'best of' series. But it still comes in cheaper than the Kindle DX and is way more economical than many of the new readers due for release later this year. At under $400 it is pretty reasonably priced for a larger format tool to read books, newspapers and business reports easily wherever you are.

The key benefits with this, perhaps the Best Sony Ebook Reader are the touchscreen that makes navigation simple, its 7.1" screen size that simply offers the most comfortable viewing platform, with 16 shades of gray offering improved resolution that the other two devices reviewed.

Finally, but by no means last, that wireless capability is a plus too, meaning this reader really does compete with the Kindle DX. However there is one word of caution, ifwirelessly ordering books directly from your reader is your number one priority do note that this feature is only currently available when ordering books direct from the Sony Bookstore. Check out the store before buying, as they will never be able to compete with the number of titles available with amazon.

As with all the Sony readers the fact that multiple formats, particularly the industry standard ePub are supported does mean you have the flexibility to download material from multiple sources, including the vast range of out of copyright (and therefore free) books from google. For the widest range of material to read the Sony Touch winds hands down against the Kindle DX. But only that available from Sony directly can be orderedwirelessly. Everything else will need to come via your PC or MAC.

Another winning point for this e-reader is the fact it comes with a wide range of accessories. A leather protective jacket, padded travel zip cover and a mains charger. In addition the ability to change the battery yourself is a huge plus, improving the life of the reading device and reducing costs further.

You can see there are trade-offs and really it is down to personal taste plus your reading habits. But for my money the Sony Daily Edition, with a larger screen-size but still compact body winds hands-down in the Best Sony Ebook Reader challenge. The 16 point gray scale gives by far the best screen resolution of the three too.