Samsung wireless Airtrack sound bar

Most people have a forty inch television or bigger in their living room so this sound bar is a great compliment which slim design matches the size. The good news is it is extremely light so you can move it around without worry of hurting your back, perfect if you like switching your living room layout a lot.

The wireless feature is an obvious plus point with people liking it for the ability to stream music from laptops and smart-phones.

One downsize is it's priced relatively high at around $400 but it's rated well on Amazon and you can opt for a cheaper used version at half the price.Fourtunately he price is offsetted by the fact that it'll work well with your other Samsung products and peripherals.

Good for who's with a little extra to spend

This sleek wireless sound bar from Samsung is a great addition to your living room whilst not taking up a lot of room, but still packs a punch with the built in subwoofer.

3D sony sound bar

If you want immersion and a sound that fills your room you'll love this Sony 3D sound bar set, you can create your own entertainment centre by using HDMI chords to connect multiple HD and 3D devices.

One of the biggest gripes people have with sound systems like this that sometimes there isn' the option of using one single remote, that's just plain annoying and cumbersome with this set you can eliminate that problem with a convenient remote that control everything.

Some issues arise while trying to connect iPods, and this system isn't the best for cramped apartments especially if you already have some electronics set up, the easiest way to avoid this is to mount it on a wall or even on a nearby shelf.

Great for a mid-range budget

3d sound is the major pro of this sound system if you want something that'll knock you out with all round sound and big bass this set is ideal.

The Yamaha surround system sits perfectly in front on your television without taking up too much space and without creating an abundance of wires and clutter that other systems do. The integrated subwoofer and dual speaker means the sound is powerful and loud and set up isn't a hassle you should be able to get this up in twenty minutes.

Some bars create the problem that the sound and picture don't go together which is annoying to say the least, this set automatically adjusts the discrepancies between the vocal coming out and the picture, it may not seem like a lot but makes a huge difference.

At this price point you shouldn't expect top of the range sound quality or base but it will suit you if you have a tight budget and need something urgently.

Perfect for low budgets

Space and price are often the first things to come up when deciding to purchase sound bars if you have little of both this bar should suit your needs whilst still deliver a good sound. It is also super lightweight at only twelve pounds so will work well for teenagers rooms aswell.

Final tips

Make sure you do your own due diligence, the main things that you'll need to consider is your present set up of television, other sound equipment and if you need a smaller set to make the most of your space.

If putting a sound bar in a teenagers room make sure it is lightweight so they can move it around without much help.

Also if possible it is better to match the brand to whatever your current brand of television is to avoid compatibility problems (although that shouldn't be a problem).

Finally iPods and laptops should be taken into consideration, if you want to stream music from them you'll need to buy the appropriate system.