There are plenty of places to catch some rays along Southern California's sunny shores, but not every spot has the greatest surf. There are many hidden and conspicuous gems along the coast for surfing, including a few you surely do not want to miss. California has the perfect climate for most outdoor activities, and in addition to the great surf, Southern California also has some really great places to run.

Firstly, coastal running has not only training benefits on various muscles, but also encourages people to take the scenic route rather than the treadmill path. In Ocean Beach, right outside of La Jolla, there are paths along the cliffs consisting of pavement, dirt and sand. The trails move from the mile or so dirt path to a paved bike path and finally to a two-mile stretch that can be run either on the sandy beach or the roadway. The area is well populated with residents, tourists, and plenty of other runners.

For those looking for a little more peace and quiet, you might be best suited for a lovely run in the Carlsbad State Park. Not only is there a beautiful stretch of beach, but there are also bluffs overlooking the water with campsites full of trees and foliage for a change of path medium as well as scenery. Additionally, for the long distance runners, the roadway is not too busy for running in the bike path. Though the sun will shine brightly on the beaches, the ocean breeze has unmatched cooling effects that do not leaving you begging for water.

Now for the surfers: two of the hottest surf spots are Blacks Beach and Windansea Beach. Every surfer in Southern California knows about these two beaches. Blacks beach is believed to have the best surf break on the entire west coast. Surfers come from all over the globe to experience this year-round surf. Blacks Beach is located just above La Jolla, very close to North County. If you are not an avid surfer, you might be the only person on the beach because of the cliff-hike it takes to get there. Caution: if you walk too far north on the beach, you will reach the nude area.

Windansea Beach is the other famous surf spot. It doesn't have as good of a surf break as Blacks these days, but in the 60's it was responsible for the surf revolution. Some of the most famous and progressive surfers in California surf history had their beginnings at Windansea Beach.

If you plan on staying in the area to enjoy some of these outdoor activities, some of the greatest California vacation rentals are located on the strip from La Jolla to Mission Beach. You will have rental homes, resorts, hotels, and campsites to choose from all along the coast of Southern California, so do not hesitate to plan your trip today!