Winter can be very cold especially when it's snowing or there's a blizzard and you're stuck indoors. Of course, the same can be said even if you're stuck in your office when the blizzard strikes or if it just seems to be too cold for comfort. To solve this problem, homeowners and offices invest in the best space heaters that they can afford to have to counteract the cold and bring some warmth in.

Space heaters are machines that – literally speaking – heat up the space around them within a given range. Unlike radiators, thermostats, or central heating, they are generally portable and can be moved around to any room in your house or office depending on where you want it located. It also helps people cut down on expenses since you can place the machine to heat up one part of house without affecting the rest of the house. This is useful if you're all alone in your house and the only person who's cold and needs to be warmed up is you. You can use the space heater without worrying about your bill going up tremendously.

There are different types of space heaters out in the market. The decision that you have to make on which of the best space heaters available in the market is perfect for you depends on what type of heating you prefer and which power source do you want to use for the heater.

There are two types of heating that a space heater can offer. The first type consists of the convective heater which makes the air around you warmer. It doesn't concentrate on the person but focuses its attention to the air in your location and proceeds to deal with it accordingly. The second type of heating consists of radiative heaters. Radiative heaters, in the meantime, focuses more on giving people warmth instead of just heating up the air around these people.

Aside from the choices that you're going to make, there is also the question, "What type of power source do you want the space heater to have?"

Space heaters derive their heat from different sources. Most of the best space heaters can thus be classified into electric heaters, gas heaters, and kerosene heaters. Electric heaters function like convection heaters in which they use the process of convection to heat things up. Gas heaters, in the meantime, make use of liquid petroleum gas for energy. Kerosene space heaters - which were popular in the past – make use of prodigious heat. It's up to you to decide which one you want heating up your home or office.