Are you just getting started with spinning? You are not alone... there are many new die-hard fans in this fun, amazing trend in exercise and fitness.

There are many persons who feel passionately about spinning. Spinning enables them to experience a great cardiovascular workout and also to see the health benefits of consistent exercise.

To make their exercise experience more comfortable, these persons often invest in spinning bike accessories. These accessories include cycle shoes, seats, towels and water bottles among others.

Certainly one of the most important spinning bike accessories will be the cycle shoes. Spinners will want to ensure that their footwear allow them to keep up with the variations in their exercises.

Some spinning bikes have dual pedals which can accommodate regular sneakers as well as cycle shoes which use cleats. Experienced or professional cyclists are likely to prefer cycle shoes as this is what they are used to.

Cycle shoes and cleats will therefore be a part of the accessories which spinners are likely to have.

Heart monitors are one of the more important spinning bike accessories. These monitors allow a spinner to gain maximum efficiency from their workouts by monitoring their heart rate. Achieving the target heart rate is important to achieving fitness goals.

Heart monitors can be worn on the chest or on the wrist. Spinning exercise sessions are not necessarily the easiest of exercises. Having a heart monitor is therefore very important to ensuring that you do not push yourself beyond your limits.

Although spinning may take place in a class setting, it is a very individual exercise experience as each person trains according to their capability.

Water bottles are important spinning bike accessories. Spinning is a high intensity activity and the body loses water through sweat. There is a need to rehydrate and it is very important that rehydration fluid is readily available during a spin class.

Water bottle cages are available on spinning bikes and some bikes carry two holders which can hold up to a liter of fluid. It is recommended that you consume about 40 ounces of water or rehydration fluid during a 40 minute spinning class.

Water bottles are therefore important for ensuring that you have adequate amounts of fluid during your spinning sessions.

Some spinners complain that the seat of the bike they ride during spinning classes leave them sore from its hardness. This can be solved by using gel seats for their spinning bikes. These seats provide relief from saddle soreness and makes for a more comfortable training session.

A spinning towel is also important to having a comfortable training session. This accessory is essential for promoting dry hands on the handlebars and enhancing the most efficient changes in hand positions. Towels are also useful for drying sweat from the face and other areas of the body during an intense workout.

Padded cycling shorts are a must for spinning sessions. Whether you are using a gel seat cover or not, using a padded cycling shorts will surely make your sessions more comfortable and productive.