Participating in a sports festival is a fun and social way to stay fit and healthy. These days there are plenty of festivals to participate in all over the world. Here is a quick guide to some of the best ones to join.

The Tour Down Under

South Australia (January)

About the Tour Down Under

The Tour Down Under is considered one of Australia's best sporting events. The tour comprises of six stages were you will pass through 60 different towns in South Australia. Professional and amateur riders can compete during the tour. Similarly to the Tour de France it allows amateurs to participate and start one stage after the professional teams. It is really fun and you can enjoy the spectators cheering for you on the sidelines. There is even a mini event for children, a challenge is set up on the Stage 6 Adelaide Street Circuit a few hours before the professional riders arrive.  There are also bike expos, lots of street parties and official dinners to attend to.

The Tour Down UnderCredit:

Activity Level

Expect the activity levels to be medium to high depending which even you choose to participate in the Tour Down Under. Be aware that the tour runs for eight days, if this event is too much for you, then you can try the Tour of Bright. The Tour of Bright is held in November and runs for three days in the northern eastern part of Victoria

The Annual Pfalz Rock Climbing Event

Pfalz, Germany (May)

About the Annual Pfalz Rock Climbing Event

Annual Pfalz Rock Climbing EventCredit: climbing is one of the best physical activities as it works your entire body. Not only is it good for your physical fitness, it also keeps you mentally alert and focused. This annual event is located in the Pfalz, which is one of the stunning areas in Europe. It is well known for its unusually weathered  giant red rock formations. The event is organised by a local climbing club and attracts hundreds of climbers from all parts of the globe. One of the main attractions is situated in a tucked-away sustainable farm known as Bärenbrunnerhof. There is a huge bonfire with a band playing. It has an amazing atmosphere and is a great place to chill out with some wine and good food after a climb.

Activity Level

Activity level is low to medium depending on whether you plan to do a lot of climbing or just chill and hang out with like-minded people.

Burning Man

Nevada, USA (August to September)

About the Burning Man

The Burning man is an event that is help once a year in the steamy hot Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada. It lasts for a week long and is a temporary citadel of people based on radical self expression and self-reliance. The citadel is populated with approximately 50,00 people and is a pedestrian and bike only community. It gets it names based on an effigy of a wooden man burnt on the eve on the American Labour day. There is a lot to experience there, these include, workshops, art installations, clubs, hair washing salons and there is no currency in sight. Practically everything there is either bartered for or traded. So stock up on goods!! Because by day six, one candy bar could be worth gold.

Some Tips

There can be sand storms, so it is important to be prepared. Pack with you goggles, you can use ski goggles, pilot goggles and even swim goggles.

Fun and crazy costumes are a standard at the Burning Man festival, so go bananas, over even dress as one!!

Activity Level

Activity level is medium to high depending on what you plan on doing. You can spend your days relaxing or you can join in on fun fitness activities. Some of the activities that will get you to burn up a sweat are yoga classes, bike riding, the walk tour and even dance classes at the tango tent.

Telluride Yoga Festival

Telluride, Colarado, USA (July)

YogaCredit: Telluride Yoga Festival

Telluride Yoga Festival is the best sport festival for yoga lovers. This yoga event is held in the San Juan mountain range of Colorado. This festival runs for four days and features more than 20 experts who specialise in karma yoga. This yoga technique is based on focusing on positive thinking and service. You will experience the invigorating fresh air and beautiful landscapes of the mountain. Expect to have a relaxing time during the event, everything is slow paced and you are walking distance to all the workshops. You don't need to stick to yoga, you can also go for a scenic hike or trail run.

Activity Level

The activity level is low to medium depending on the workshops you participate in. The workshops are broken down into different levels, so it suit beginners, as well yoga gurus. So if you are new to yoga, don't be afraid to try this awesome event.

Brooks Trail Running Festival

Mt Baw Baw, Victoria, Australia (March)

About the Brooks Trail Running Festival

If running is more your thing then the Brooks Trail Running Festival is a must try. This is a tough festival and is not for the faint hearted. It occurs annually during the Australian winter and this festival is all about running uphill. Situated in Victoria's Mt Baw Baw this three day gala has seven events. One of the toughest is a marathon run with a 1.25km height gain and a 12km run held during the day and night. One of the best things about the Brooks Trail Running Festival experiencing the Australian bush landscape.

Some Tips

You will be doing a lot of running so make sure you have a good pair of running shoes. This can also take a toll on your knees, so don't push any more than what your body can handle.

Activity Level

The activity level is high. You can participate in one event or multiple, and if you are a real fitness freak you can enter as an "all mountain runner". This involves tackling the full marathon, followed by one of the 12km runs and both of the 1.5km uphill and downhill runs.

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