Best of the lot - Leupold Sequoia

To acquire the best spotting scope for the money that you have allotted yourself to spend, check out the Leupold Sequoia 15-45x60mm. This spotting scope offers a rubber coating that offers protection to the scope as it is being used or moved around. The scope is also water proof so you don't have to worry about the weather conditions when you are ready to use it. The optic lenses are also protected with multiple coatings that not only keep the lenses safe but also offer images that are clear, bright and contrast. The lenses allow for plenty of lighting so that you have a great view each time. At both short and long distances, this scope works great. The scope offers excellent use for those who wear eye glasses as well as though that don't. 

You can purchase this spotting scope in a kit that includes everything that you need to make the scope functionable. The kit contains the tripod stand that has the adjustable legs as well as the tilting neck that is multi directional. It comes in a hard case that is cushioned on the inside for protection of the scope during travel.

Leupold Sequoia 15-45X60Mm Spotting Scope Kit 55886
Amazon Price: $349.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 29, 2015)

Bushnell Sportview 20-60x60

Another one of the best spotting scope for the money spent is the Bushnell Sportview 20-60x60, this scope is great for mid-range viewing. It is made heavy duty but is still sleek and efficient. The optics that are fully coated will ensure you get the perfect shot every time. The variable zoom eye piece offers clear and sharp views even at distances that you might think would be too far. When you choose to purchase this spotting scope, you will find that it comes with an all weather carrying case as well as a sturdy tripod. 

You can rest assured that this scope is going to be one of the last that you may have to purchase. The accuracy as well as the durability make it a great choice for helping you stay within you scope shopping budget.

Bushnell Sportview 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope
Amazon Price: $129.95 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 29, 2015)

Barska 25-125x88 Benchmark water proof spotting scope

Another great spotting scope that will be pleasing to any outdoors man is the Barska 25-125x88 Benchmark water proof spotting scope. It's extra large lense provides a broad range for viewing. The exceptional zoom will allow you to see objects over 50 feet away. The O-ring sealing allows you to use the scope in any type of weather. Rain nor snow is going to be able to harm this scope. It also has a tripod stand that will allow you to experience hands free use. To help reduce eye strain, the twist up eye cups have been installed. 

To prevent fogging, this scope has been nitrogen purged, you won't have to worry about changes in the temperatures or areas that are high in humidity obstructing your view. You'll love the durability that this scope offers as well as the case that comes with it to provide protection while you are traveling from place to place. This is a great scope for the avid hunter as well as the bird watcher.

You might also choose to check out the Zhumell 20-60x80 Angled Spotting Scope as the best spotting scope for the money. It offers fog proofing as well as water proofing so that you don't have to deal with any condensation while using the scope. The multi coated lenses will provide you with sharp and clear images of your target. This scope comes standard with a tripod that is rugged and has rubber tips on the legs to offer all of the stability that you might need. The tripod also offer quick release mounting plate as well as click lock technology. You can also use the scope for outdoor photography with your digital camera and the accessories that are sold seperately. 

You'll be able to enjoy the best outdoor hunting experiences and so much more when you have one of the best scopes at the best prices available.