Stained Glass Grinders - Shaping Stained Glass Artwork

Stained glass grinders are for people who are into the art of shaping glass. It is used both by professionals and beginners because of its very assisting characteristics. Correspondingly, it is used in many household and office endeavors.

Stained glass grinder and its use

Stained glass grinders are used for shaping glass. After the glass has been cut into estimated shapes using any type of glass cutter, a stained glass grinder is used to refine the shape of the cut glass. Its capacity to cut almost any type of glass is due to the fact that stained glass grinders are made up of diamond coated bits. The diamond in it allows it to grind off excess glass and prepare it for copper foiling. Enhancing the shape of a cut glass leaves more equal solder lines giving the glass a better shape. Usually, stained glass grinders are built with double bits which are called grinding heads. The one-inch bit, which is the larger one, is used to sculpt large pieces of glass while the smaller one is used for detailing and for grinding holes in the cut glass.

An alternative to stained glass grinder is sickle stone. However, many people still prefer to use stained glass grinder over it because using sickle stone, even in small projects can be very tedious. Also, most people who get to start small projects of glass manipulation end up enjoying any type of stained glass fabrication that is why it is beneficial to own a stained glass grinder. It is indeed an equipment that both hobbyists and professional stained glass makers ought to have. It is very easy to use and is a good tool to help beginners hone their skills. It works fast, saves you so much time and you don't really need to get anything else aside from your glass and your pattern to start your work. This is best justified when you compare a structured glass done manually from another that is structured by a stained glass grinder. You will really notice that the result of the latter looks cleaner and more professional. And if you ever plan to explore other hobbies or endeavors, you can always resell your personal stained glass grinder as it does very well in the resale market. Indeed, stained glass grinders are worthwhile investments.

Choosing a stained glass grinder

Stained glass grinders come in many different sizes and prices, so choosing which is which can be a very formidable task.

In choosing which stained glass grinder you should get, you must first identify your purpose of having one and of course, how much you are willing to spend for it. It would be best to keep in mind the necessity of choosing a stained glass grinder that could meet your long-term needs. This is because from time to time, you will meet the need to upgrade and upgrade. Also take note that more expensive grinders offer a lot more benefits, predominantly, removing excess glass materials more quickly. This makes a huge difference in working with large-scale projects.

Choosing which stained glass grinder best suits you can become easy if you know what kind you are looking for in the first place. Here, you need to consider the price, the turning speed of the bit which is termed as RPM, the strength of its resistance to glass or Torque, the area around the bit or surface size, additional features and also the warranty.

For low to mid-priced grinders, prices can range from below $ 75.00 to more or less $370.00. However, you must remember that the most expensive is not always the best and the cheapest may not be the worst. For the Torque, stained glass grinders that have it under 20 can only be ideal for hobbyists. The ideal Torque is 21 to 29 but if you are going to have your stained glass grinder for heavy use, you might as well get a 30 to 45 Torque. For the RPM, the average number is 2,850 to 3,600. Take note, the larger the number, the better.

Classifications of stained glass grinders

Stained glass grinders are usually classified according to price. There are low-priced, mid-priced and commercial grade stained glass grinders. Low-priced grinders are usually purchased for $100.00 and below up to about $150.00. This type of stained glass grinders are best for hobbyists and for those who are working on small-scale projects. On the other hand, mid-priced grinders, which are the most popular of all types of stained glass grinders, are mostly used by advanced artists. The price range is $150.00 to $350.00. The last which is commercial grinders are not, however, designed for the consumer market.

Where to buy stained glass grinders

Stained glass grinders can be purchased in many hardware stores near you. Tianjin Mande Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. manufactures Diamond Grinders for US $ 126.00 to $ 200.00 per unit. There is also Craft Supplies For Less, Inc. selling different types of stained glass grinders for $ 100 to $ 150.00. They also sell spare parts of stained glass grinders for minimum prices.