For years, Halloween has always been associated with Halloween Pumpkins and Halloween costumes. These costumes have been the mainstays in trick or treating, kiddie parties, and even adult parties for as long as we can remember.

Halloween costumes range from funny to scary to plain geeky. With the increasing number of Halloween costume ideas that are introduced in the world today due to mass media, many costumers work hard to make their costumes stand out from the rest. Perhaps some of the most popular of these costume ideas are Star Wars Halloween Costumes.

Star Wars has always been popular with generations of movie goers and movie lovers. Since its introduction in the 70s and up to today, Star Wars remains to be one of the most respected film series of all time.

From Anakin Skywalker to Princess Leia to Darth Maul and even to Darth Vader, virtually all characters in the film series can make any costume wearer popular with the crowd.

Star Wars HalloweenThe popularity of Star Wars characters can clearly be seen in various public programs such as the famed yearly comic cons and E3, and even in small and medium Cos Play programs. Star Wars is clearly an icon among the youth and even among middle aged fans.

The great thing about choosing costumes based on famous Star Wars characters is the number of eye catching costumes each character wears in the film. From simple garbs to battle outfits to space uniforms, there are definitely hundreds of choices to choose from.

This is especially perfect for costume party goers who have a budget in mind. If he wishes to save on costume costs, he can opt to wear the jedi costume which only requires simple garbs. If he has more money in hand and wants something more visible on the other hand, he can choose a Darth Vader Costume.

Other Star Wars fans have even gone the extra mile just to show their love for the films in Halloween parties by dressing up as storm troopers or even as R2D2 or C-3PO . The effort and time it takes to build this kind of costume reflects how they treat Star Wars as an iconic film of their generation.

The use of Star Wars Halloween costumes may seem silly for some considering that it might only be used once a year but a more important thing to remember is that it is the memory of the party that counts. With a Star Wars costume, a party goer not only entertains the other party goers, but also entertains himself with all the attention he can grab.

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