Cleaning hardwood floors the right way requires the very best steam cleaner to ensure a bright and shiny floor. Hardwood floors can be very sensitive. You never want to use harsh chemicals to clean hardwood floors. In fact the less water and moisture that's used, the better since moisture can lead to warping. Not only are hardwood floors sensitive for cleaning, they can really be a handful to clean if you have stained and scratched floors. The best steam cleaner for hardwood floors will make your cleaning job a lot easier. A good hardwood floor steam cleaning product will usually cost you some money. The best ones usually cost around a $100 dollars. However, it is well worth paying a few extra dollars to help maintain an irresistible, and beautiful hardwood floor to standout in your home's decor. If you're older, and cleaning causes a lot of strain on your back, and muscles, buying the best  steam cleaner doesn't require as much force. Some of the best cleaning products listed down below shouldn't cause you as much of a burden when it comes to cleaning your floor surfaces.

Bissell Steam Cleaners for Hardwood Floors

The Bissell Steam Mop Mx hard Floor steam cleaner is one of the very best. It's one of the best steam cleaning products for hardwood floors, since its a safe cleaning product that doesn't require any harmful chemicals. It can clean ceramic, laminate, marble, stone, vinyl, and hardwood. Bissell is a top leading brand in selling cleaning appiliances, and they're known for their quality vacuum cleaners for home use. This is probably one of the best steam cleaners you'll find online for under $100 dollars. It's highly rated, and relatively cheap. One of the key features is the water system. Less chance of water deposits damaging the filter of your steam mop max. Also a demand trigger is featured, allowing you to direct extra steam on floors that need cleaned. A ready light is also featured, telling you when the water has been converted into steam. Warning: do not use on unsealed wood floors. You can purchase online at HSN for sale prices under $100 dollars.


Bissell Steam Mop Hard-Floor Cleaner, Green Tea, 1867-7
Amazon Price: $99.99 $68.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 23, 2015)

Haan Steam Cleaners for Hard Surfaces

Haan's might have the very best cleaning product on the market. Prices are a little high, but these are really good steam cleaners for hardwood floors. You want a product that will remove 100% of bacteria, germs, and remove all dirt and dust. The MS-30 Multi-Purpose steam cleaner is proven to improve indoor air quality, because of its ability to keep your hardwood floor clean enough to eat off. It will also clean sinks, walls, countertops, and windows. It does it all pretty much. It features a 20 foot extension cord, a 15 inch clearing path, and a very flexible hose. No harmful chemicals are needed. It won't cause water stains on floors, or warping, since it dries quickly. It's gotten great reviews online from happy customers. It will also remove grime without any problems. Customers have raved about its abilit to clean practically anything. If you're shooting for the very best steam cleaning product, then I'd take a look at the MS-30 Multi-Purpose steam floor cleaner. You can purchase online at It does cost over a $100 dollars.

Haan MS-30 Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner
Amazon Price: $199.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 23, 2015)

Reliable Steam Cleaners for Hard Surfaces

The Reliable Steam By T1 Steam Cleaner Floor Mop is another top-selling chemical free cleaner. The best steam cleaners will not contain any chemicals. It's best used for sanitizing and cleaning floors. It's recommended for ceramic, tile, sealed hardwood floors, marble, and slate. It features 1500 watts of heating, 180 degree swivel head, allowing you to get between tight spaces. It also features an 11 inch clearing path, 3.3 cup water capacity, 16 foot extension cord, two cloth pads, and a water filter. A pretty versatile cleaner that gets the job done. You'll maintain cleaner floors and breath cleaner air with the Reliable cleaner. No waiting is required with this cleaning product, it is automatically ready to go. Prices are a little high and go around $100 dollars online. You can purchase online at sears, amazon, CSN stores, allbrands, and living comforts.

Reliable Steamboy T1 Steam Floor Mop
Amazon Price: $99.00 $64.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 23, 2015)

SteamBoy Steam Cleaners for Hardwood Floors

The SteamBoy T1 floor cleaner mop with carpet glide doesn't require any harmful chemicals when cleaning your hardwood floors. Some of the features include a 180 degree swivel head, 11 inch cleaning path, 16 inch electrical cord, 1500 watts, 3.3 cup water capacity, and 30 minutes of continuous steam. A carpet glide is included. The combination of 70% polyester and 30% polyamide makes for durable microfiber pads. The T1 steam floor cleaner will clean sealed hardwood floors, carpet, ceramic, and tile floors. Distilled water is not required. This is one of the best cleaning products to purchase. You can purchase online at households delivered.