Are you looking for a steam mop that actually cleans the spaces between your ceramic tiles in the kitchen? After I started using my steam mop frequently it wasn't long before I realized the major flaw in it - it didn't clean the grout lines in the tile very well. In fact a lot of the dirt the mop picked up was simply pushed into the lines.

The steamers best at preventing this problem do cost more but they are worth the investment if you want something simple to use in the home. In fact the best steam mop for cleaning grout lines isn't really all that much more expensive as the cheapest options on the market. Below I've pointed out what I believe to be the best steamer for kitchen tile floors followed by some tips on getting your tile floors clean and keeping them clean.

BISSELL Powerfresh Steam Mop, White, 1940
Amazon Price: $99.99 $84.99 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 30, 2013)
This Bissell steam mop has a flip down scrubber that is perfectly designed for cleaning the grout crevices in tile floors. If a steam mop was ever perfectly designed for tile and grout it's this one.

Can Steam Mops Actually Clean Tile Grout?

It may be tempting to just buy a decent steamer to keep your floors clean in the home but if you have tile with grout you may be setting yourself up for a lot of manual labor when it comes to keeping the lines looking their best. That is however if you choose to buy a cheap or basic model cleaner.

The basic stuff - the options meant for the average consumer - are made with little thought to the floor surface they are cleaning. They are flat and branded are "hard floor" cleaners. These may be perfect for vinyl sheet floor but for anything with texture, seams or lines they are going do disinfect flat surfaces and leave plenty of dirt, grime, and bacteria in the troughs and valleys.

The higher end steam mops actually do clean the grout although they don't scrub it well enough usually to remove stains. Used frequently top rated tile cleaning steam mops can easily keep even deep grout lines clear from dirt and bacteria as they have flaps and cleaning knobs that settle down into the lines. This feature is indispensable for people with tile floors.

The Bissell linked to above may be more expensive than the bargain options on the market but there are a good handfull of lower priced alternatives that are also designed for cleaning tile. Are they they best? I don't think so but they are viable options for people with tighter budgets.

Your Backup Plan

Dedicated Grout Cleaners Are Good To Use From Time To Time

Even if you decide to shell out for an awesome floor steamer that is going to be great at cleaning the grout lines between your ceramic or porcelain tiles it's still worth picking up a really high end grout cleaner for deep cleaning days.

The obvious benefit of steam cleaners is that you can use these things all the time - every day if you like - with little prep work but even good mops that clean the grout lines still miss stuff that hands on knees scrubbing doesn't. 

Quality cleaners are designed to remove staining from grout and not just disinfect them. Although it's good to invest in a floor steamer that gets into the lines and disinfects you'll also appriciate the stain remover power of traditional grout cleaners. You don't have to use them as often but they'll keep your kitchen or bath looking their best for sure.

TECH Grout Cleaner - 32 oz
Amazon Price: $14.58 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 30, 2013)
If your floor steamer just isn't getting rid of the stains like you want or maybe you're looking for a good backup cleaner for your steam mop then you can't go wrong with a high end product designed for the task at hand. This stuff is safe to use, doesn't smell, and it's fine to use on colored grout too.