I have heard so much about steam mops and wanted to find out for myself what they really offer so I began trying some of those that are on the market and developed my own little steam mop reviews. In my search I trials, I found several that I thought were of the best quality. 

Bissell offers the Bissell Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner Green Tea which is an upright floor cleaner that cleans hard floors by using just steam. There are no chemicals needed and that made it a great steam mop in my book. The head swivels making it easy to get into hard to reach places and even getting a under furnishings as well as close to the edges of baseboards and corners. This steam mop came with two reusable mopping pads that you can launder in your washing machine and use repeatedly. It also has a water filter on the inside and the cord snaps back into place when your finished with it and comes out easily as well. 

Hoover offers the Disinfecting Steam Mop with Twin Tanks. The double tanks allow you to clean with steam only or you can fill the other tank with the Hoover Multi-Purpose  Disinfectant Solution and clean your flooring with that. I loved that it killed 99.9% of the germs on my floors, I felt that this would help to create a healthier environment for my family. I also like that I can select a light or a heavy duty cleaning option for my floors. It worked well on hard floors as well as carpeting. The tanks were both removable making it easy to fill them and easy to work with this steam mop. I was also very pleased with the 30 foot cord that come with this mop, it allowed me to not have to unplug and replug so often.

Bissell Steam Mop Hard-Floor Cleaner, Green Tea, 1867-7
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(price as of Aug 23, 2013)

I was also pleased with the Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop, this mop offers 3 different setting for the steam that you choose. One setting is for picking up the dust which is the low setting, the medium setting is for mopping and the high setting is for scrubbing. This mop offers 4 reusable pads that offer use on both sides of the pad. I found this mop to be really well made and durable and it too had a handy 30 foot cord. 

Another of the steam mops that I tried and felt inclined to include in my steam mop reviews was the Hans FS-30 Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer. I liked this mop because the handle seemed more ergonomic than others, it has a curvy S shape to it that makes it more comfortable to use and easier on my back. It also has a pistol grip making it easy on the hands when navigating the mop which I was also impressed with. Using the Hans Steam Mop calls for using no chemicals, you can do all ofyour cleaning and sanitizing with the steam alone. The mop is very light weight so I had no trouble getting it up and down the stairs and from room to room. 

I love cleaning my floors using a steam mop, it's the only way that I prefer now and I'll never go back to the old style mopping method again. I love the way it makes my floors look and my home smell.