If you are sporting a pot belly, or just want to trim your gut, and want to know the best stomach exercise equipment to do this, then here are a few simple ideas. They may not be what you are looking for, and you may be surprised to find out that some of the best stomach exercise equipment is not specifically for your belly, but your whole body.

After joining a gym last year, I learned a lot about all those TV commercials I see, showing you flat abs, and "six pack" models using a particular piece of exercise equipment geared just for the stomach. This is a great way to strengthen your abs, but if you have a fat belly, and could stand to lose a few pounds, then you are not going to get that six pack showing through by just concentrating on your belly exercises.

One of the best pieces of advice I was given, was to start with cardio. Not only did this burn calories, but I it works out your entire body. Once you start to lose some of that fat, you will begin to see those hidden stomach muscles after you workout.

I like to run, but it was too hard on my knees, so I started using the elliptical trainer, that reminds me of a cross between cross country skiing, bicycling and jogging. You get your heart rate up, and you burn calories, and since you are moving your arms as well with this machine, then you get a complete body workout, in as little as 20 minutes, making it a simple and easy exercise machine, to just jump on, while watching TV.. Many will track your progress and help keep you motivated.

I was always told to use a elliptical trainer, or a treadmill or go outside for a fast walk, before I concentrated on any stomach exercise equipment.

Once I was warmed up, and had done my 20 to 30 minutes of cardio, then I was advised to use a exercise ball. (These look like large blown up beach balls, but tough!). Ever tried to sit on one of those?

Since a exercise ball is unstable, you have to use your body, especially your stomach and core muscles to stay balanced on it. Just trying to stay balanced is already working your stomach muscles! You can then proceed to do some simple exercises on this ball that will help to strengthen your core.

Invested in One Machine

Since I was wanting to have a home gym, I thought I would need all kinds of machines, and stomach exercise equipment. But, instead I invested in one machine, an elliptical machine (you can get decent ones for under 500 hundred dollars) rather than a treadmill since I found it easier on my knees, and it felt like more of a workout, an exercise ball for some simple core moves, and some free weights, and that is my gym!


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I have tried all those pieces of stomach exercise equipment that you see on TV, and for me, they just ended up in the corner, because I wasn't working the rest of my body to get rid of the fat and calories, and therefore not seeing the results. As you know, you can't be trying to get a six pack stomach or flat belly, while still eating chips and dip, so you need to clean up your diet too.

There is no quick and easy way to get that flat belly, at least not the way they were telling me in those ads, but I did find that once I got my heart rate up and moving, either by going out for walks or using my elliptical machine, I did notice fairly quickly that my whole body was looking trimmer, including my belly.

So, getting your fat percentage down first with cardio and a good diet, and then you can see those stomach muscles. As always, you should seek a Doctor's approval first before trying anything new, but chances are they will be happy that you are going to do something! Also see: Elliptical Trainer Workout and Losing Weight Tips for more tips and ideas.