Looking for the best stop smoking books? In this article we will look at several books that can help you stop the smoking habit and lead a healthier life. Quitting smoking is the hardest thing you will ever do in your life but also the most liberating. 

Kicking the nicotine habit can make you feel better about yourself and give you a new outlook on life. As an ex-smoker I know how difficult the task of quitting is. Sit down with one of these books grab a cup of coffee and your cigarettes while you read.  Once you finish the book set a quit date and work towards the day when you finally quit smoking for good.

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking

This book is one of the most popular titles on quitting smoking. However, I don't like the name of the title since quitting smoking is not easy. This book explains why it's difficult to quit, and why we carry on smoking even though we know that it's bad for our health. It teaches you how to deal with the withdrawal symptoms which usually make people go back to smoking because they can't deal with them. It teaches you how to relieve the boredom of not having a smoke and how to relax. The book also goes through many of the myths and misconceptions about the smoking and the quitting process itself.

The Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking by Allan Carr

This stop smoking book is specifically designed to help women stop smoking by dealing with some of their issues such as smoking when you are pregnant. The book explains myths such as how smoking doesn't help you lose weight, happy casual smokers, and more. You'll learn how to become a happy ex-smoker for the rest of your life and get instructions on how to quit smoking for good. This book is the perfect companion for women who want to quit the habit and lead a healthier life.

The Secret to Stop Smoking by Dr. Scott C. Rosiere

 This motivational book will help anyone who wants to quite using nicotine and lead a better life. The book examines nicotine addiction and helps the reader with a proven method to get them to quit. The book explains the urge to quit and actually going about the process to break free from the addiction without the common side effects such as mood swings, weight gain, and cravings for cigarettes. Get on the path to better health with this stop smoking book.

How to Stop Smoking and Stay Stopped for Good by Gillian Riley

This book is designed to help you quit smoking and give up the habit for the rest of your life. You'll learn how to take control of your addiction, and break the habit so you can stop. The book has a step by step program you can follow so you'll see real results. The book teaches you how to deal with stressful situations where you might be tempted to start smoking again.


My Suggestions to Quit Smoking

I started smoking at sixteen but finally quit at twenty seven. Despite what a book might tell you it’s not easy to quit smoking but anyone can do it because for the most part the urge to smoke is all in your head.  To quit you absolutely must want to stop smoking or no matter how hard you try you won’t be able to do it. Once you put your mind to the task of quitting smoking you must follow through with a plan of action. Be sure to join some support groups on the Internet so you can talk to people and share your story which will give you extra motivation. I quit smoking by using nicotine gum but other methods may work for you.  

Stop smoking books like the ones mentioned above are good to get because they will help you understand your addiction which makes it easier to quit. Once you decide that giving up on your smokes is what you want to do then set a date as your quit date and work towards that goal. Write down some things you would like to do with all the money you’ll save from not smoking to provide some additional motivation for yourself.  You can become an ex-smoker and books to help you stop smoking can help but in the end it’s all up to you. If you decide to stop smoking you will because you are stronger than the cigarettes.