Are you wondering what the best and most effective home remedies are for strep throat or a sore throat? If you are someone who doesn't have access to health care, or you are not be able to visit a doctor for a while, then this post is for you. If you do have access to a doctor you should definitely try to seek treatment to see what the issue is. I am not a doctor but I have a long history of helping my own illnesses with a home remedy that is both fast and inexpensive; these remedies help make your condition better to deal with.

Here, I will help you understand if you have strep or just a sore throat and I offer you some great options from home to help with pain and lessen the side effects of your illness. 

Why is My Throat Killing Me?

It's very possible you have strep, which is very common during the flu season; best case you might just have soreness. 

So, how can you tell which you have? You must identify the symptoms to figure it out. 

Sore Throat?Credit: SoreThroatHomeRemedy.Org

What are Some of the Symptoms of Strep Throat? 

- Are you suffering from inflammation in your throat?

- Are you having difficulty swallowing, eating or breathing? Loss of appetite? 

- Are you tired, feel weak, or feel nauseous? 

- Other symptoms include enlargement of your tonsils, sweating and fever. 

If you have a combination of these symptoms I think it is very likely you have strep. 

Treat Strep at Home? 

Here are some of the most popular and effective home remedies for strep throat out there. They should definitely also help you if you just have soreness.

While these might not cure your condition entirely (that would be antibiotics), they could definitely help with some of the side effects:

Honey in TeaCredit:

*Mix a glass of warm water and a couple of tablespoons of salt into a glass. Gargle the water in 

the glass and then spit it out but make you do not swallow it. Try doing this a few times every half hour or so, or whenever you feel pain. This should help with the pain. 

*Drink a lot of tea! I really like this tea by Yogi Throat Comfort below. It should do wonders for a sore throat and really help if you have something  more serious like strep. 

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- Eat cold foods such as ice cream, ice pops, etc.  

- Avoid hot or spicy foods as much as you can. Eating soup should be okay, though.

- I have heard that honey does wonders. You can mix it in your tea or put it on food if you wish. 

Throat SpraysCredit:

- Consider picking up a throat spray if you don't have one. These oral Anesthetic act very quickly and should definitely help with the pain. They are also great for future problems - which always come up!

- Stay hydrated and drink a lot of water!

- STOP smoking with can be very irritating to your lungs and make it much worse.

- Finally, get plenty of sleep! Try not to stress yourself out or be too active or your throat could get much worse. Stay out of the cold especially. 

*Strep or Sore Throat? Find Out Fast!

The very first step in dealing with strep is actually knowning if you have it! But what if you don't know and want to save yourself a possible unneeded trip to the doctor?

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These are just a few fast, easy and effective home remedies for strep or a sore throat. I wish you the best of luck in curing your condition!