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Do you wish there were a way to minimize the appearance of your stretch marks? If so, your not alone. Millions of people, both men and women alike share your problem. Since stretch marks are a form of permanent body scarring that are caused by ruptured membrane deep within the layers of the skin, it would be ridiculous to believe any claim that a special cream or treatment can completely erase these unsightly tears that have ruined your skin and body image. What if there was a way to dramatically fade existing marks over time while actively preventing new ones from occurring, would you be interested?

Causes of Stretch Marks

The best way to treat a condition is to gain a good understanding as to what caused the problem in the first place. This statement could not ring more true when it comes to deciding upon the proper stretch mark removal option that works best. To the average consumer there are countless numbers of solutions available and choosing the best product or procedure is absolutely key when it comes to obtaining the best results.

Although there are many contributing factors that may cause stria, the most common reason for developing stretch marks is extreme weight gain due to pregnancy. Most women find themselves bearing the stripes of motherhood across their belly after child birth. Stretch marks also develop during puberty when changes in hormone levels cause growth spurts. Often, bodybuilders find themselves with unflattering deep, red welts after using steroids to gain weight to quickly build muscle.  Of course, a high percentage of people are at high risk of acquiring stretch marks at some point in their life due to genetics.  Regrettably, if they run in your family, the odds are that you'll get them too.

As new dark purple welts begin to form, you may feel a slight discomfort to a sharp burning sensation. Your skin begins to tear at the point of being over stressed, dehydrated and completely depleted of precious stores of collagen and moisture. At this point, all you can do is hope that you don't get anymore, and then wait for them to fade to silver streaks which will eventually happen over time. Sadly, there are more severe cases when an over abundance of marks are concentrated in one section of the abdomen, hips, thighs or breast and completely destroy the skins smooth and healthy appearance.  Discoloration and flaccid skin texture may be in immediate need of therapeutic care. If this secanario explains your plight, then deciding upon a serious stretch marks treatment to help heal the look and feel of new stria should begin as quickly as possible whenever scarring occurs.

Stretch Mark Removal Options

In the last decade, there have been great strides made by scientific research in the skin care industry. Leaders in the field of stretch mark removal such as EC Research Corp, the makers of TriLastin have been very successful at developing effective yet affordable topical creams that encourage new elastin and collagen growth to enhance cell regeneration wherever skin has been visibly torn and discolored. Their patented virtual patch delivery system is just an example of what you can expect when using a skin product product that offers their clients cutting edge technology to address their individual needs.

Of course, other methods of therapy are available such as laser treatments and professional skin exfoliation using high grade prescription vitamins A and C to lighten and retexture damaged areas of the body. Though effective, these treatments are very expensive, and require a course of at least 6 to 10 sessions before visible results are achieved. Given the average persons budget, this is the main reason that the majority of people first decide to invest in a stretch mark cream as their first course of action before spending thousands of dollars on alternative treatments.

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