Have you looked at your iPad or Kindle screen at the end of the day? If you use it regularly, it’s probably a bit grubby, so much so your screen is probably not as bright as it should be. By using a stylus you’ll keep your iPad or Kindle screen cleaner and give your fingers a break. These are especially useful if you need to write on your touch screen or enter a lot of data. The best stylus for iPad and other touch screen devices is one that works at any angle, is comfortable and easy to use, and is durable.

What to Look for in a Stylus for iPad or Other Tablets

There are some features you want to consider when shopping for a stylus for the iPad or other touch screen tablets. To get the most use out of your investment, find one that works on all your touch screens. Also look for one with a rubber tip rather than a sponge tip. Rubber tips tend to have better sensitivity when applied to the touch screen and last longer without ripping or breaking. How sturdiness of the stylus is most important if you do a lot of writing, art, or use your iPad as a virtual office.

AmazonBasics Stylus for Touch Screen DevicesSylus for iPadCredit: Amazon

Made by Amazon Basics, this is actually one of the best selling styluses on Amazon. Most buyers find it works well without having to put too much or too little pressure and it feels just like a pen. It’s in the mid-range of weights at just over two ounces and is one of the shorter styluses at 4.1 inches.

This one gets bonus points for being somewhat environmentally friendly. It’s packaged in “frustration-free packaging”. It doesn’t have excessive plastic packaging and you don’t need a tool kit to break into it. However, it does come in much too large of a box.

Bamboo Stylus for iPad StylusCredit: AmazoniPad

Another best seller and highly rated is the Bamboo Stylus for the iPad. This one has a metal clip so you can clip it to your iPad cover, it’s well made and not likely to break, feels comfortable, and comes in variety of colors if you want to add some pizzazz to your black iPad and black iPad cover set. Heavy users will appreciate that the rubber tip takes a beating before it will rip or break down. The biggest con with this stylus is the price, which is about double the cost of many other styluses.

Common Complaints of iPad and Other Touch Screen Styluses

Overtime a stylus for the iPad will deteriorate. The rubber tips do wear down, rip, and otherwise lose their sensitivity. And this is a common complaint among iPad stylus users. You can find replacement tips when this happens so that you don’t have to completely replace your stylus. Another common complaint is the poor writing results when using the stylus to handwrite notes. The Note Taker HD app or the Bamboo app can help solve this problem as it works well for hand writing with a stylus. 

You may find that you have to try out a few options to find the best stylus for the iPad. What feels comfortable for one iPad or touch screen user, may not feel comfortable to you.