Is Sulfate Shampoo Harmful?

Nowadays people are cognizant of the harmful chemicals that inhabit many cleaning products, but many are not aware of the ingredients of their soaps, shampoo's, toothpaste, etc.

One ingredient found in allot of these products is a chemical called sodium lauryl sulfate, in short this chemical is known to cause allergic skin reactions in some people and is blamed for causing Best Sulfate Free Shampoomany other skin irritations and canker sores in others. Reportedly there have been many other health concerns concerning this chemical including cancer.

In a nutshell, this chemical is used to make a foaming action just like most cleaning surfactants which suspend the dirt or debris to be carried away for the actual cleaning to work.

Finding the Best Sulfate Free Shampoo

The best sulfate free shampoo will be one that gently cleans your hair without harming your hair or scalp, remember that the hair and scalp will absorb allot of chemicals, and most anything that is massaged into it.

To find some of the best SLS free shampoo's there are a number of products available on the market that will do a formidable task. A good approach to finding the best sulfate free shampoo for yourself is to maybe try one of them and discover how well it works for your hair and or your families hair. One thing to keep in mind is that it may not foam up like the sulfate type does.

Natural shampoos have come a long way since the first waves of green products and health watchdogs started making their presence felt.

The best sulfate free shampoo will generally lather and probably exceed all expectations when used.

Some of the Reported Benefits of Using Sulfate Free Shampoo

  • There is less skin irritation due to the removal of the sulfate chemical blend which is a known skin irritant.
  • The moisture of your hair may improve as the SLS in other shampoos has a drying effect on hair when used.
  • Hair colors may last longer because of the gentle cleaners in the organic SLS free shampoo.
  • May also help resolve dandruff or itchy scalp problems.


Acquiring SLS Free Products

Everyone would like to have beautiful hair and have it without causing any undue health concerns over something that we do all the time in our personal care.

Most shampoo products have labels on them that will expose the ingredients in their formulations. If you carefully look it over you will most likely find the SLS in some description form on the label of most brand name shampoos.

If you want to avoid the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate chemical, many health and organic stores including internet sites sell some of the best sulfate free shampoo.