When you have a sump pump you may have faced situations where you lose power but still need the power for the pump. At that point, you probably wised you had some type of sump pump backup systems to keep the power to the pump. This would have been the answer to a potential problem that might have caused major damage to your home.

The best way to avoid having a loss of power to your sump pump is to have the backup system that will keep the power available at all times. There are various types of sump pump backup systems for the sump pump systems that are easy to install and very affordable.

Craftsman 14.5 Hour Battery Backup Sump Pump has the ability to drain the basin of water for up to 14.5 hours and about 10,520 gallons of water. This means you will have the ability to remove about 18 gallons of water per minute. The pump will automatically start when it is needed or send an alarm/alert when a problem is detected.

The pump is designed with thermoplastic that prevents the system from corroding or rusting with a built in over protector to help with the proper operation of the pumping. The system uses a marine battery that is placed either 24 or 27m in the basin of the sump pump.

The Silent Sentry Backup Battery for sump pumps has the ability to pump up to 29 gallons per minute. The system has a 5' upright lift that easily turns on when there is a power outage and there is a need to pump the water. The unique design allows the system to provide continuous pumping of the water with the control panel that uses the battery and special connections that are attached with a drain fuse and control conduit.

Another sump pump backup system is basement watchdog 1000 GPH battery backup sump pump system. This system pumps 1,000 gallons per hour with a 10' life and 2,000 gallons per hour with at a 0' lift. The pump will turn on when there are power outages as well as when primary pump is filled. This compact pump will fit into any sized pit.

The ability to use the monitor of the system with the sensor system is also big selling point for this model. The pump will run for 6 hours nonstop or periodically for several days based on the amount of time the pump is required. The emergency battery will provide 12 hours of additional time for required pumping.

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