The best sunglasses for men should be stylish, functional and work for us as we get into the warmer parts of the year. I use my sunglasses a lot and by the end of summer, mine are so scratched that the basically unusable. Buying the best new sunglasses can be challenging–there are almost 4000 results for men's sunglasses on websites like Amazon. In this article we are going to take a look at the best sunglasses for men for 2012 from Ray-Bans to aviators to polarised sports glasses.


Ray-Bans are one of the most famous makes of men’s sunglasses. They are some of the most expensive but also probably some of the coolest looking. Ray-Ban has a great range of sunglasses available for 2012, including the Ray-Ban Wayfarer range which are a selection of thicker framed, semi-retro glasses. They also have a range of classic looking Aviator sunglasses available with different frame and lens colors. Most of Ray-Bans sunglasses are polarized and come in a price range of $50 to $200 dependent on the sunglasses. Ray-Ban is definitely producing some of the best sunglasses for men for this year, and has won its place on this list because it produces great glasses year in, year out.


Oakley is the other dominant force in designer male sunglasses. They tend to have a more modern design when compared to Ray-Ban, but they are definitely designer and come with a designer price tag. The best men’s Oakley sunglasses for Summer 2012 include Oakley’s new Frogskin sunglasses range. These include frames of several different colors ranging from polished black to bright white with lens colors to match. They also have a range called the Scalpel, the Fuel Cell, Jawbone and Commit–which all look similar with a tight wraparound headband with slim frames suitable for sports use. Oakley has also earned its place on the list for the best sunglasses for men due to its great design, good build quality and excellent style factor.

Buying a no name brand pair of sunglasses

Manufacturers like Ray-Ban and Oakley don't produce cheap sunglasses. Therefore as soon as they released this year's must have models, other manufacturers work very hard to create slightly different copies of their designs. These can be had for as little as a couple of dollars and can provide a good value alternative to the top end brands. The issue with buying sunglasses from these manufacturers is that the build quality might not as good, the lenses may not be polarised and have UV 400 production, and generally they might not be as comfortable. I've bought both top end and no name pairs of sunglasses and my general opinion is that you get what you pay for. If you want a pair which is going to last you all year or perhaps several years then spend more but if it's only for a one week holiday then you shouldn't worry.

What to look for when buying men’s sunglasses

There are lots of things look for when you're buying sunglasses. The most important is comfort and the glasses not falling off your head. Realistically you need to have tried on sunglasses before you buy them, unless you have bought similar style glasses before. As long you glasses which are comfortable then the second most important aspect is the polarisation or UV400 protection. This is really important to protect your eyes from UV light which can cause some eye issues over time. Simple shaded sunglasses actually make your eyes wider which subjects them to more UV light than they would be without sunglasses.

So what are the best sunglasses for men?

I think that the best sunglasses for men this year are the Oakley Frogskin range. I like their design and general style. That said you may completely disagree with me, each to their own.

What do you think are the best men’s sunglasses for 2012? Do you buy Oakley's, Ray-Ban's or another brand? How do you choose which model you buy? Feel free to leave a comment below and help others decide what the best sunglasses for men are.