Best sunless tanning lotion myth. Have you heard of one? I actually heard ten. And this scares me a lot. Maybe you have heard of these urban legends too.

The following myths still linger despite the advancements in the tanning industry. Let go through them one by one starting with myth number 10.

# 10 – Sunless tans are great substitutes for sunscreen.

This idea was constructed because of a belief that the skin would not burn if it is tanned. This is a false idea. Sunless tans are pretty much like perfume you spritz on you before you hit the beach. It does not shield you from the sun so be sure that you always put on your sunscreen for your protection.

# 9 – Tans cannot last long.

This can be half fact and half myth. Fact because tans usually last for about three to five days. Myth because your tan can last longer. If you know how to properly care and maintain your skin, your tan can extend up to ten days. Traditional tans last longer though. The downside is that you are exposed to sun which, in turn, causes dry skin, aging and skin cancer.

# 8 – You see the final color right after the application.

False! The color you see right after the application is just temporary. Your final color will only come out after your skin becomes moist. This also depends on the grade of the tanning solution you used.

# 7 – Sunless tanning solution ingredients are harsher than sun exposure.

This is totally not true. As a matter of fact, some ingredients in tanning solutions are also found in shampoos, hair sprays, cosmetics and lotions so they are absolutely safe.

# 6 – You cannot be tanned if you are not naked.

This is probably the craziest myth I've heard so far. You can wear an old bathing suit if you do not want to tan naked. This is especially applicable if you are in tanning salons or if you are asking a friend to help you tan yourself. Just make sure that you will no longer be using this particular bathing suit.

# 5 – More solution applied equals to deeper tan.

Do not do this as this will only empty you tanning bottle in no time. What you should do is to select a tanning degree that matches your skin tone. That's it.

# 4 – Tanning solutions make you smell awful.

This may be true a long time ago but this no longer applies today. The tanning industry has come a long way and formulas were perfected to remove the stinky smell from the solutions.

# 3 – Any lotion can maintain your tan.

Nope. That's not true. Your sunless tans will rub off if the lotions you use contain AHA, petroleum and mineral oils. I suggest you use lotions that complement your sunless tans. There are many of these available in the market today so do use them.

# 2 – Skin type does not affect your sunless tan.

it is difficult to tan those who have oily skin. to solve this, you should use a regular bar of soap when you shower three hours before applying the sunless tanning solution. This will ward off the oils for a while.

# 1 – Tanning will make you look like an orange.

This can either be true or false. If you settle for the cheap knock-offs, you will definitely get orange tones right after you apply your tan. But if you invest in high quality self-tanners, you are assured of a natural-looking tan. Don't worry. Tanning has evolved so there are fewer chances of you turning to orange.

Best sunless tanning lotion myth can be really funny. What about you? Do you have your share of funny myths? I hope these myths cleared your mind like it cleared mine.