How I Love My Super Nintendo...

Let Me Count The Ways....

In my (not so) humble opinion, that may (or may not- give me the benefit of the doubt here!) be heavily influenced by a sense of nostalgia, theSuper Nintendo Entertainment System was the best gaming console ever made. 

How well I remember the summers where my parents would let me rent (yes, RENT!) an SNES from Blockbuster along with 2 games.  I would play until my thumbs bled.  Literally.  Now, some of you may lost all the respect for me that you ever could have, but until you've experienced the sheer awesomeness of playing this system (while talking on a corded phone, stretched to the limit--who needs Xbox live!), you just won't know.

I dedicate this list to my old friend Paul, who didn't have a Super Nintendo, but was willing to stay on the phone with me for hours while I played, giving me lots of helpful advice.

super star wars
Credit: ahdummy on flickr

Mortal Combat


Straight from the arcade, this game franchise was familiar to snot-nosed kids everywhere who just wanted to KILL HIM!!  There's truly nothing like putting the smack down on some ninja who doesn't know when he's met his superior. 

Released in 1992, this game quickly became a cult classic amongst SNES players.  There were many follow up games made as sequels. [1]  It was even made into a (terrible) movie! 

One of the most notable achievements of this game was the concept of "special moves"- by pressing a seemingly random series of buttons in the correct order, you could make your character do some amazing stuff. 

Donkey Kong Country

I always find my best friends in barrels...

I remember the day vividly...I received a package in the was roughly the size and shape of an SNES game, but I wasn't expecting anything.  Curious, I tore it open, fingers clutching madly at the  brown paper packaging...

What's this? A promotional sample level of...Donkey Kong Country?  I rushed to my console, blew on the cartridge for good luck, and popped it in.  Little did I know how totally tubular it would be.  And how effective this particular marketing tactic was for my demographic.

Donkey Kong Country can be played alone, as DK, or you can do a 2 player mode, with one as DK and one as the ubiquitous and impervious Diddy.

Super Mario Kart

Cause it's best to start safe driver education early...

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Super Mario Kart was really the first game of its' kind.  It took happy, mischevious characters and placed them on go karts which they had no business operating, and then gave the reins to 8 year olds across the country.  Job well done Nintendo, job well done. 


They have but one dream in all the be king of the circus

Oh my goodness...this game was one of those games that you could play over, and over, and over, and over, and...well, you get the idea.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I did.  I had to know all the specials.  I had to play through perfectly the entire game with each character.  No, it wasn't an option.  If I didn't do it, then something terrible would happen.  Cause...yea. 

The game is addictive, people.  But if Clayfighter is wrong, then I don't wanna be right.

Super Mario World

Ba da da, da da DA! thum

Super Mario World was the game that came packaged with and shipped with the console for most people.  That made it an instant hit!  But excluding that fact, this game is still a true classic.  For those who were already familiar with the Mario franchise from the Nintendo game entertainment system, they would recognize Mario and Luigi.

But with the release of Super Mario Bros for the SNES, one of everyone's dreams came true:  You could now ride on the back of a giant lizard, and you never need fear another rogue fruit on a bush again!  Seriously, how much fun was it to eat fruits, tomatoes, shells which you can spit back out at foes....the list goes on and on.  And depending on the shell color, it would give Yoshi different attributes, such as a yellow shell, when held in the mouth, would make it possible for Yoshi to create a yellow dust cloud when landing that could kill anything very near to him.

Super Mario All Stars

"It's-a me, Mario!"

Super Mario All Stars, released in 1993, was a fabulous game if you were a mario fan.  It was actually a complilation title of 4 games which included Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3, and Super Mario: The Lost Levels, which was a Japanese semi-sequel to Super Mario Bros.  These were all enhanced (slightly) versions of the originally released games.

This was great for me, cause for the price of one game, I got 4...suh-weet!  My favorite was always Super Mario Brothers 3-- the levels in that game are awesome!  I always remember that I had to try and catch the baton mid-air after beating the boss on the boat so I could freeze in victory position for the "success" music screen--or is that just me?

Super Mario Brothers 2 was also awesome because you could play as Princess Peach who could fly, and I also loved the levels where you got to dig underground.  Awwweesommmmee.

The End
Credit: JF10 on flickr

"Thank you so much-a for to playing my game!"


I hope that you enjoyed this walk down digital-memory lane.  I made lots of good memories carb-loading while earning blisters on my thumbs boppin' some bad guys.  Let me know in the comments section what your Best Super Nintendo Games are, and be sure to check out my article about where to find super nintendo controllers!