This is a compilation of the top commercials that were released just prior to the 2012 Super Bowl, in no particular order.

Ferris Buehler Honda CRV 2012

I start out with the seriously hyped Ferris Buehler commercial from Honda.  This one has made the rounds on Facebook and has over 8 million views already as I write this post.  Lots of folks, myself included, were hoping for perhaps a preview of an upcoming Ferris Buehler's Day Off sequel, but that does not appear to be in the cards.   Perhaps due to the success of the commercial, maybe that could change? 

Kia Optima Sandman 2012

That one just made me laugh out loud several times.  It starts out like a typical car commercial and then the Mr. Sandman slips and pours a little too much of his fairy dust on the one guy and bam, out comes Motley Crue and the fun begins!  Great commercial, my favorite of the bunch!

Dog Strikes Back VW 2012

This one shows a dog getting in shape to be able to chase down the new beetle.  The twist is at the end when they pay tribute to the very popular Darth Vader kid from last years highly popular VW commercial. 

Vampire Party Audi 2012

Eh, for me a lot of the vampire thing is a bit played out.  This one is highlighting the powerful headlamps on the Audi.  Nothing real ground breaking on this one. 

Hyundai Veloster Turbo Cheetah 2012

This one made me laugh, but I had a feeling what the end result might be.  It was still very funny and the car looks very cool.  Nice job. 

The Dictator Trailer 2012

The trailer has some funny parts.  If you're a fan of the Borat movies, this one looks to be along those same lines.  Not bad, not great.

Camaro Convertible Super Bowl Commercial 2012

I enjoyed this one.  Very funny and cool car as well.  Well done. 

The Cloud GoDaddy 2012

Of course, what would the Super Bowl be without a GoDaddy commercial?  This one is along the same lines as all of the prior commercials.  Nothing real new and exciting, but the formula apparently still works. 

Chevy Volt Aliens 2012

Humorous, but not laugh out loud funny.  It does get the point across that the Volt is a gas/electric hybrid.  So if that was the goal, it was a success. 

The Bark Side VW 2012

This is a great commercial.   It must have taken a ton of effort, or a lot of good camera work to pull this one off.  Impressive.