If music motivates you to workout, and it is what keeps you going, then you deserve a decent sound system. If you get up early to exercise, then music might be what gets you started! Getting a decent sound from a good workout headphone can be challenging sometimes.

Otium Wireless - The Best!!

 If you belong to a gym, you may not like the music they are playing, and maybe you don't go to the gym to socialize, so getting a good system, is a great way to go.

But, what if you sweat heavy. You really give that treadmill a run for its money, and you really start sweating. Now your headphones are sliding off your head or irritating your ears. (I hate that irritation in my ears) So, what do you do, other than take a break, towel off and start again, or get rid of the music half way through which has you now slowing down, as you are now forced to listen to whatever the gym is playing, you need to get sweat proof workout headphones.

They are created just for you and your heavy exercise sessions. Some styles are completely waterproof, these work for swimmers, but they will also work for those exercise sessions that have you sweating and losing your ear buds from your regular system. Plus your regular ear buds have to get replaced a lot, as they don't tolerate too much sweat after a while and become uncomfortable or fall out or harden up.

There are some choices out there, but here are a couple of the most popular brands of sweat proof workout headphones that have got great reviews. Check them out and see if these might be the answers to your sore ears after a sweaty workout.


H20 Audio Sweat Proof

H20 Audio Surge - Workout Headphones - This company creates great quality in their headphones, they are designed to get wet or deal with moisture. You can get these in your local electronics store, or if you like to shop online, you can get them from Amazon (pictured).  You will not lose them while working out, they will deliver great sound, and as the product name suggests, they are used to dealing with water.



Sony MDR-AS210/W Sport In-ear Headphones, White
Amazon Price: $15.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 14, 2018)

Sony - Headphones that are sweat proof- These headphones by Sony are designed for anyone on the run. They stay in place, and are sweat proof. No more sliding off your head, or ruining them with dampness. They are lightweight. They have a slim line design, that looks good, and you can get your workout in style. The sound quality has been reported to be great in reviews.

 You can get these from your local electronics store, or shop online in such places as Amazon, they make a great gift idea too. 

Best Sweat Proof Workout Headphones - Otium by far! - If music is your motivator, then you should treat yourself to a good pair of workout headphones. If you head to the gym, this will stop people from talking to if you want a serious workout without interruptions, and these are also great if you head out into the hills. Either way, if you really push your workouts and you sweat a lot, then consider purchasing workout headphones that are designed for athletic people like you. No more irritation in your ears after a sweaty workout.


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