Looking for the Best Tablet under 200 Dollars?

There is a lot of talk on the Internet about finding the best tablet under $200 in 2012. Most people will recommend a brand they are happy with. It doesn't mean it is the best because the word itself is rather subjective.

If a handheld electronic device does what you want, you will likely consider it to be the best. If it's also not too expensive it will be the talk of town. Buying a tablet under $200 is not impossible as there are many choices out there.

There are those who say that popular brands often do not offer the best when it comes to electronic devices. That might appear to be true but the reason why they are popular is because people are happy with them. It can also be due to a good marketing campaign. That said, most people who have tried out a few tablets know that most of them offer similar attributes, so you can't go wrong with any of these.

Archos 70 Internet Tablet 8 GB

This is another affordable tablet that belongs on the list of the best tablets for under $200. It offers the same features like the Kindle fire. When you're buying a tablet that offers you 8 gigabyte of storage you will gladly pull out your wallet and purchase it. That is because it is very inconvenient to have to delete existing Best Tablet under $200 in 2012 Archos 70 - 8 GB Internet Tablet (Black)Credit: Amazonmovies or books to make space for new ones and 8GB is often sufficient for those who like to download a lot of apps and movies.

If you feel you don't have enough storage, the Wi-Fi connection can help you purchase more storage through a cloud storage provider.  The amount of hard disk space is not the only selling point of this Archos tablet.

It runs on android which means you will be able to get a lot of support from the worldwide brotherhood of android-based tablet users. This means there are a lot of apps available for free and for purchase. Because there is a large user base, you also get regular updates.

With this handheld device, you will get the full features of a normal computer needed for modern day communication. This is a Wi-Fi only device which is sufficient for those who are constantly using theirs at home or who do not require 3G. This device also comes with a nice webcam that can be used for teleconferencing.

Dell Streak 16GB

This is another android-based tablet for under $200 it comes with 16 GB of storage which is very good. This device is designed to be used also as a digital camera for taking pictures but it can also be used for video chat.

This is a nice touch screen tablet thaBest Tablet under $200 in 2012 Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi Tablet PCCredit: Amazont has good processing power and because it runs on android you have access to the android market. Some people have complained that the battery life isn't that great. If you are concerned about that, the best thing to do is download everything you need at once and turn off the Wi-Fi. This will help prolong the life of the battery. The pricing on this Dell product varies a lot depending on the retailer.

Amazon Kindle Fire 8 GB

Of course the Kindle Fire has to be included in this list!  It is a popular inexpensive tablet PC with easy access to the whole world of Amazon. Shopping and browsing is made easy with the operating system.  Best Tablet under $200 in 2012 Amazon Kindle Fire 8 GB Tablet PCCredit: AmazonThe 8GB of disk storage means if you buying movies and music, and downloading FREE or purchased e-books, you have adequate storage space. 

On eof tyhe greatest appeals of the Amazon Kindle Fire is the low price for what you get. Amazon sells these very close to cost to open up ongoing electronic sales. Most online retailers offer this colour handheld computer for around $199.

Still want to see more top rated Tablet computers under 200?

There are many electronics manufacturers trying to get a piece of the colour tablet market, so there is a lot of choice.  If you are still undecided, there are lots of p;aces to browse.  Amazon has over a hundred tablets under $200.