Looking for the Best Tablet under 300 dollars?

It is amazing that you can buy tablet computers for under $100. But those are of course entry-level tablets that can be purchased for children. For those who are willing to spend up to $300, you will be able to get better performance and more storage.

Most of the tablets offered by manufacturers tend to feature the same or similar capabilities. Most tablets also run on the android operating system. What often differentiates a tablet from another is the hardware.

What you need to pay particular attention to are battery life, amount of storage, processing power, responsive touchscreen, Wi-Fi technology or 3G technology and screen size. You will notice that almost all manufacturers will be trying to cut corners when it comes to the above-mentioned features.  There are many $300 tablets and reviews on Amazon.

Acer ICONIA Tab A500-10S16u 16 GB

Acer offers a lot of reasonably priced computers and the same is to be expected from their tablet computer products. The Acer Iconia tablet is one of the best tablets under $300 that is worth your money.Best tablet under $300 2012 Acer Iconia A500-10S16U Tablet,10.1IN HD Multi-Touch displayCredit: Amazon

Apart from the 16 GB of storage, it also runs on android  3.1 preinstalled. You don't get 3G technology but you get Wi-Fi which is sufficient for a lot of users.

It comes with a 10 inch screen which is good and will make using your tablet easy on the eyes. Some retailers will sell refurbished Acer Iconia for $300 while others will give you a new product for the same price.

Archos 101 Internet Tablet 8 GB

Archos is a slightly cheaper tablet offering only 8 GB of data storage. When compared to the above Acer Iconia, you might want to pay a little bit more to get double the amount of storage. That said, if you are not into downloading a lot of movies and music, you might not need the extra storage.Best tablet under $300 2012 Archos 101 Internet Tablet 8 GBCredit: Amazon

This device comes installed with android 2.1 and offers Wi-Fi for Internet connectivity. This appliance also comes with high definition multimedia interface that will make connecting your tablet to order electronic devices easier.

Amazon offers free shipping and sells this product for $250. You can also purchase this device at Sears for $266.

HP Touchpad 16 GB Tablet Computer

This HP tablet under $300 is designed with cloud computing in mind. It allows easy integration with box.net and Google apps. A lot of care has been taken to offer users a great multimedia experience with integration for making phone calls and receiving phone calls with video capabilities.Best tablet under $300 2012 HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16 GB 9.7-Inch Tablet ComputerCredit: Amazon

With 16 GB of storage, average users will likely not make use of the cloud storage possibilities. That said, you get Wi-Fi connectivity and an operating system called Web OS.

For those who will like additional accessories, you can buy the protective casing for your tablet for $15, a wireless HP keyboard for $45 and a charger power adapter for $10. These accessories are of course optional but for those who want to get better experience from their HP tablet, these little products can be worth purchasing. Amazon and overstock sell this device for $280. The same goes for a lot of retailers on eBay.