Looking for the best Targus cooling pads for laptops? One of the best investments you can make for your new laptop is a cooling pad with fans. These devices help keep your laptop cool which is one of the major contributors to the failing of a laptop system. Without a cooling pad you run the risk of your laptop overheating. If you are doing computing on your lap all the time, you’re blocking the vents on the laptop and it can overheat and cause the sensitive parts inside the laptop to fail.

At home my Toshiba laptop is kept very cool with my Targus cooling fan. In fact the computer stays so cool that sometimes my fingers get cold but this is a small price to pay for having a nice cool laptop. One way to tell if your cooling fan is doing its job is to lift the laptop up and place your hand under it. The laptop should be slightly warm to the touch. If it is your cooling fan is helping preserve the life of your laptop. Here are some of the best Targus cooling pads you can buy to protect that laptop from heat.

Targus Lap Chill Mat

Targus Cooling Pad

 This is the cooling pad I use with my Toshiba and it provides me with great results. The pad has tabs on it which hold the laptop in place and it has a nice angle so I can type properly. My laptop never slips off this cooling pad and I haven’t had any problems with the fans so far.  My laptop is large and the fans on this chill mat keep my laptop in top form. I haven’t had any errors or any problems with my laptop and I am very satisfied with the Targus lap Chill Mat AWE55US. It runs around $32.99 from online retailers and is well worth the purchase for your computer.

Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat for up to 18 Inch Laptops

 This chill mat features a HydroDynamic fan system and keeps up to 17” laptops cool. It’s perfect for gamers who need extra cooling for their gaming laptops. You have dials to control the speeds of your fans and the maximum speed of the fans is 3300RPM. The grill on the unit is constructed of 2040 aluminum alloy and the chill mat has a non-skid surface so your laptop won’t move as you use it. This is an all-round nice mat for gamers and will run you around $39.00 from online retailers.

Targus Lap Chill Mat Jr for 15.6" Laptops

This laptop chill pad is designed for smaller laptops around 15" or so. The device will help keep the ehat away from your laptop and the soft exterior of the lap fan provides you comfort when using your laptop on it. This is a perfect fan if you have a netbook for example and want to keep it cool or just another smaller laptop. The device is simple to setup with just a USB cable into your computer and you're all set to go. This laptop fan will run you around $30.00.

Targus Laptop Lap Desk Designed for 17-Inch Screen with Storage

This unique lap fan is perfect for up laptops up to 17” and features a neat storage area under the lap pad for items. Not only will the lap pad cool your laptop but you have space too. This laptop fan also has a nice carry handle so it’s easy to transport. The fan has non slip surfaces so your laptop always stays in place on the unit. The storage option on this lap fan is a nice addition. This fan runs around $25.00.

Targus Chill Mat

Laptop Cooling Tips

Remove the software that comes with your new laptop often referred to as “bloatware.” This software will slow down your system and cause you headaches. Many laptops come with antivirus trials but in many cases it won’t be the software you want to use and it’s best to just remove it and use your own. Other laptops have gaming features that you might not need either or other software programs. With all these programs running it just adds to the heat your laptop puts out which further reduces the life of the system.

Keep your laptop work area clean of dust.  Make sure you dust off your desk area on a regular basis so the particles don’t accumulate around your laptop. It’s also not a good idea to eat food around the laptop since crumbs can get into it and further reduce the life of the computer and add to the heat buildup inside.

Get a backup drive. Make sure you have a backup drive for your computer so if it does fail from heat or other factors your files will be safe. You can buy external drives for cheap now so there’s no excuse not to own one for your laptop.

If your laptop feels hot, turn it off for a while and let it cool down. If the device continues to heat up all the time consider taking it to a computer shop and having them look at it. You may have a bad component that is causing the heat build-up inside.

Buy a Cooling Pad For Your Laptop

Having a cooling pad like a Targus is really a very good investment and it’s something you really do need for your laptop. These devices heat up much easier than a PC and they components tend to not last as long. If you use your laptop all the time or place graphic intensive games on it the lap fan is the best thing for it. I enjoy my Targus lap fan and it has kept my laptop free of problems and nice and cool. If you are thinking about a lap fan you really should buy one because they are well worth it for your laptop. Don’t buy one that’s too cheap either like under $10.00, you want one with a decent fan inside to cool your laptop properly like a Targus cooling pad.