Find out the best tasting protein powder from a first hand account.....

Whether you are a professional body builder trying to maximize your gains, or just a recreational gym goer, protein is the most essential part of building muscle. However, getting enough protein while still maintaining a healthy diet can be very difficult, especially when you consider that protein and fat go hand in hand. 

This leads most people to supplementation. The most common (and in my personal opinion the best way) to supplement protein is through whey protein shakes. However, with hundreds of different brands, how can you tell which ones are the best?


best tasting protein powder


Below i have compiled a list based on the best tasting protein powders i have ever used (and i have used quite a few!). All of the powders on the list i also highly recommend as great brands because they have great ratio's of protein to carbs to fat. Enjoy!


The best tasting protein powders top 5 list


#5 - 

best tasting protein shake


Cytosport's Banana Cream - This was the first stuff i ever used and ohh man was it delicious! Cytosport has a huge line of different flavors, but this stuff was definitely the best. It blended/mixed really well and was smooth going down. I'm not a fan of milk, but i looked forward to mixing it with this stuff and drinking it everyday!


#4 - 

best tasting whey protein powder


The next on the best tasting protein powder list is Syntha-6's strawberry. I have actually never had this particular flavor but, i have heard absolute rave reviews. I have had other syntha-6 shakes, and they always blend/mix well. Had i not heard such great things about this flavor i would have recommended the cookies and cream flavor (which is the flavor that i personally tried) which is also phenomenal. 


# 3 - 

best whey protein powder


MuscleTech's Nitro-Tech Hardcore's Chocolate Milkshake - (long name, i know) This stuff is actually the best powder i have ever used. The protein to fat to carb ratio is amazing (25 - 1.5 - 3) and when using it, i saw great results. I am a huge chocolate fan so i bought the chocolate milkshake and it was really good! I highly recommend this stuff however it is a little on the expensive side. So i would only pick it up if you have the cash to shell out or it's on sale. But overall great taste!


#2 - 

protein powder reviews


Optimum Nutrition's Vanilla and Chocolate - I have tried 3 different flavors of ON's whey protein and while i thought the strawberry was okay the vanilla and chocolate were outstanding! This protein powder isn't just great tasting but it's certainly one of my highest recommendations when it comes to overal quality. Great spec's on the nutrition label at a great price. I would definitely check this one out. 


And now for the number one best tasting protein powder....


#1 - 

low carb protein powder


Gaspari Nutrition's Myofusion Milk Chocolate - This is by far the best tasting protein powder i have ever used. While usually i mix my powder with milk, i can easily mix myofusion with water and still get the amazing taste. It doesn't even taste like a protein shake, put in a blender with a peice of a banana and some ice, this could easily be sold as a high end milk shake. The protein to carbs to fat ratio is flawless and the price point is right on. If this is your first time buying protein powder this is definetly a great place to start.