It’s normally not an easy task to think of the best gift for a baby. But you must remember that gifts for a newborn baby is as much gifts for the mother as they are for the baby because there are numerous items that a mother would want to have for her child but can’t possibly manage to pay for all of them. So, when you’re invited to your next baby shower or a birthday party, consider the gifts in the following list to bring along to the party.

Best Ten Gifts for Baby

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1. Toys

Baby toys will rarely become outdated, and they are in fact used by the baby rather than the parents. Furthermore, to make your choice of a toy easier, baby toys are manufactured with the age of the baby in mind. Therefore, it’s easy for you to pick a toy that is age appropriate. However, it’s common for most babies to love a teddy bear or any type of soft toy. Hence, if you find it difficult to choose a toy, the best guide is to get something that is soft and plushy.

2. Baby Monitor

New parents are always worried about the safety of their babies. With a baby monitor, they can put their worried mind at rest. Now, they can keep track and sense the movements, crying and breathing of their baby not only audibly but also visually as well. A variety of models are available in the market including those that are for audio only or for both audio and video as well as those that can sense when the baby is moving. Baby monitors come in a variety of price range depending on your budget.

3. Toiletries

Baby shampoo, baby bath, baby talcum powder and other baby care products are perfect gifts for baby. All babies need these and the mother would really appreciate having these instead of having to buy them herself. You can find baby care products that are readily wrapped beautifully to present as gifts at any mall or shops catering specially for babies.

4. Stroller

This is one item that all parents must have. But then if a few of the parents’ friends or relatives are buying the same item, that will be one stroller too many. So, if you do decide to get a baby stroller, it’s best to contact the other people who are invited to the baby shower and see if any other person is also thinking of giving the same item. You can pool your funds together and get a really expensive stroller or you can decide the person who’s going to give the stroller while the other person choose another gift for the baby.

5. Books

If you decide to give a baby book, make sure it’s age appropriate. This is easy to do since many baby books will state the appropriate age for the books. Books are great gifts as they will instil a love for reading at a very early age. Babies are always amazed with pictures and colors so the books that you choose must be filled with pictures and the illustrations must be bright in color. Also, make sure you buy baby books that are made of thick, long-lasting materials like cardboard. Some baby books are also made of waterproof materials to be used at bath time.

6. Blankets

Blankets are great gifts to welcome the arrival of a newborn. The best way to make the blanket special is to customize the blanket with the baby’s name and choose a color that is suitable, for example, blue for a boy and pink for a girl or perhaps choose the parents’ favorite color.

7. Clothes

Giving baby clothes will definitely lift the burden off the parents to buy clothes for the baby since a baby outgrows her clothes very fast. And if the baby is a second child, she will also not have to endure having to wear hand-me-downs. Baby clothes are also available in a variety of style and you will be spoilt for choice.

8. Bedding

Baby bedding comprises of whatever that the baby use to sleep such as the matress, blanket, pillows, sheets and also mosquito netting.

9. Bouncers

A baby bouncer is a place for a baby to sit. She can have a good time bouncing in it. Baby bouncers are equipped with a safety belt so there’s no need to worry that she will hurt herself. Bouncers will keep any baby occupied while parents can run errands and do other things. But just like a stroller, one too many bouncers can be unnecessary, so do consult with others if you decide to buy a bouncer.

10. Jewelry

The precious gift of jewelry will not only be appreciated by the parents but will also last a lifetime. Unique and special baby jewelry can be designed to add to the sentimental value of the gift.

Buying gifts for baby need not be a task that is so challenging. If you still cannot decide what to give, which you shouldn’t, given the list above, then you can always opt for a gift voucher for the parents. This way the parents can decide what they really need. But then this will take away the spontaneity and surprise element of opening a present.